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Miss E Killick
Miss E Killick

Our current topic is:  Ice Worlds

autumn term
democracy day 28th September

Last Friday was democracy day and all of Earth class came to school dressed in red, white and blue. A group of children helped me out during assembly and they all did me proud- explaining to the school all about the anniversary of the suffragettes and women getting the right to vote. In maths we used our problem solving skills to answer a variety of different multi step democracy day problems. These really tested the children but they all had a brilliant attitude towards them and it was wonderful to see how proud they felt once they had solved each problem. In the afternoon both Earth and Mars joined together to debate if it was worth spending money on space travel. They researched the different amounts countries spent and then presented their arguments either for spending the money or against spending the money to the class. Whilst all this was going on they also had a chance to vote for their school council, eco-warrior and house captains. Well done to everyone in Earth who stood for one of these roles, you all presented brilliantly and had some fantastic ideas on how you could make a difference to school life. Good luck to everyone as you wait for the results! 

stunning Start

Last week Year 5 launched themselves into space through an exciting WALL-E adventure. They started the day off by watching WALL-E and then thinking all about the friendship that formed between the two main characters. This linked wonderfully to our Christian value for this term of 'Friendship.' After thinking about the characteristics that make up a good friend the children split into groups to design a new friend for WALL-E. In the afternoon they put on their creative hats once again and used recyclable materials to make these characters. The creatures they created were brilliant and are an excellent representation of the teamwork and friendships that have formed so wonderfully in Earth Class! Well done!