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Miss A Brockman
Miss A Brockman

Our current topic is:   Inventions

spring  term
dt - ear muffs

This terms Science topic was looking at how sound travels. We used this knowledge in our DT project to make a pair of earmuffs to help Little Miss Inventor when he visited Loud Town. First we thought about what materials sound travels through best and what materials absorb the sound. We then used this to help us design and make a pair of earmuffs that blocked out as much sound as possible. These were great fun to make, but tricky because we had to think about the amount and type of materials we needed and how best to join them together. We then decorated them before testing and evaluating our final product.

stunning start

We began the term with a trip to Wallace and Gromit's Inventors Lab. We then created our own Cog shaped potato stamps and used them to create repeated pattern wall paper.

We learnt all about the world of inventions through the eyes of Wallace and Gromit and this inspired us in designing our own catapults. We were given the challenge of sending a mini- marshmallow as far as we can using recycled materials. We had great fun watching all our inventions and measuring how far they travelled. We were very impressed with how well they all worked and the furthest distance achieved was extraordinary, over 5m!

autumn term
fabulous finish

 Visit to Haslemere Museum

At the end of November we visited Haslemere Museum to learn all about mummification. We had a great day learning about the process the Ancient Egyptians went through when mummifying the dead and even got to have a go at mummifying our very own teddies. We had a fantastic day and even got to see a real mummy!

Baptist Church Visit

We had an enjoyable visit to Cranleigh Baptist Church to learn about What Christian Worship is. We sang some songs, looked at the prayer hand and acted out a Bible story.

PE – Tag Rugby

We learnt the correct way to throw and catch a rugby ball and had different activities to practice this before playing mini games.


  In Art this term we have thought about papier mache and colour. We have made Egyptian Death Masks. We started off by cutting the death mask shape out of card and attaching this along with the beard to a craft mask. Our next challenge was to use papier mache to cover our entire mask and strengthen it before it was ready to be painted. Finally we designed the decoration on the mask and painted it on. We had great fun making them and loved putting them on and pretending to be Pharaohs.

Some were so good they were even displayed in Cranleigh Art centre.

Marvellous middle

 Archaeological Poo Investigation

In science we learnt about the digestive system and how our food passes through different organs in our body before coming out as a waste product. After having a visual demonstration of the process, using a pair of tights to act as the large and small intestines, we then investigated some ‘samples’ and used our knowledge of what type of food different ancient Egyptian’s ate to aided our analysis.

Science – Water Cycles

To help us understand how the water cycle works we made mini versions to stick on the window and hope there was some sunshine so we could observe what was happening

stunning start

To introduce our new topic Walk like an Egyptian!  We were introduced to Professor Pyramid who then got the children acting out a play about the first Ancient Egyptian Mummy. After finding a scroll we mummified some of the class. We also watched The Prince of Egypt so we could then use it in our English writing.