welcome to Comets class

Our current topic is Staying Alive

summer term

A child was chosen from each class to draw and paint a mural with Mrs Conway. The mural is displayed in the corridor at upper school. Well done to all the children for their stunning hard work.

Comets programmed a bee-bot. They also used positional and directional vocabulary.

Comets are very proud of their finger puppets. We designed initially then thought carefully about cutting and measuring.

Comets explored using natural found objects to create sculptures like Andy Goldworthy.

Comets, Moons and Rockets greatly enjoyed 'Pet Day' on Friday. They loved meeting a range of different mammals, birds and reptiles! In the morning Comets wrote questions to ask the different pet owners. Comets, Moons and Rockets would like to thank everyone who bought in a pet.

spring term
fabulous finish

For our Fabulous Finish we attended a swashbuckling pirate party. We had to pass some pirate tests to ensure we were ready to join Captain Pete Pigeon's crew. Afterwards we celebrated with a feast and collected our certificate and eye patch.

In P.E we have been learning to orienteer. We had to draw our very own maps and then work with a partner to guided them around the obstacles.
In dance we have worked hard on creating our very own pirate dance using jumps and gestures.

Comets and Moons enjoyed using different skills - sawing, gluing and joining to make their pirate ships. They had to initially think carefully about their design and ensure they included all the key features of a good pirate ship. They then used paper mache to build the base and mixed media to add detail.

As part of Science day on Friday year 1 explored what keeps ice cool and what quickens its change of state. They worked with a a partner to explore different ways of making it melt or keeping it cool.
Year 1 greatly enjoyed retelling the parable of the Prodigal son and thinking carefully about our christian value forgiveness. They made their own forgiveness collage.

In Maths this week we have been measuring in ml, exploring and finding the capacity of different containers.

stunning start
Comets and Rockets have made a great start to our new topic 'Sail the seven seas.' 
We have started by learning about the continent Europe. Our first stop was England and we learnt facts about its capital city London. 
We used the learn pads to draw different flags from countries in Europe, exploring changing colour and brush sizes to give different effects.
In dance we learnt different pirate gestures to pirate music, we especially liked working as a group to create our own pirate ships.
On Thursday we thought of different ways in which we could look after our environment and decided to plant a range of different bulbs which will flower in April-May. Comets would like to say a really big thank you to Notcutts Garden Centre (Cranleigh) who donated daffodil bulbs for the school to use. 
autumn term

Comets class enjoyed building their houses this term. They thought carefully about which materials to use and even tested them to see which were waterproof. 

In history we made poppy pots to show remembrance.

Comets used learn pads to make firework pictures. They enjoyed editing and improving their work.

Lower school enjoyed a visit from firefighter Singhateh this week. He taught us about fire safety around bonfire night - he even got Mrs Conway involved! 

Comets, Rockets and Suns enjoyed a visit from the baker this week. He taught us how to make bread from scratch. We made bread hedgehogs and decorated them with raisins.

democracy day

On Thursday we wore red, white and blue for Democracy Day. We learnt about the importance of British Values and how to vote. We also wrote a letter to the Queen!

Comets enjoyed making fruit salad and learnt about the importance of eating a balanced diet.

In Maths this week we have been counting in multiples of 2 using objects and number lines for support. Some children used hundred squares and noticed patterns thinking about odd and even numbers.

where we live.

Comets have made a great start to their new topic 'Where we live.' On Wednesday we visited church and Rev. Ian gave a talk about 'what God is like.' On Friday we enjoyed a Peter Pan cinema afternoon for our Stunning Start and the children have now started to retell the story in English. In Maths we have been busy recognising and ordering numbers. The children took part in a number hunt on Thursday where they had to match numicon to the correct number.