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Miss E Killick
Miss E Killick

Our current topic is:  Ancient Egypt.

Autumn term

In Art this term we have thought about papier mache and colour. We have made Egyptian Death Masks. We started off by cutting the death mask shape out of card and attaching this along with the beard to a craft mask. Our next challenge was to use papier mache to cover our entire mask and strengthen it before it was ready to be painted. Finally we designed the decoration on the mask and painted it on. We had great fun making them and loved putting them on and pretending to be Pharaohs.

Haslemere museum trip

At the end of November we visited Haslemere Museum to learn all about mummification. We had a great day learning about the process the Ancient Egyptians went through when mummifying the dead and even got to have a go at mummifying our very own teddies. We had a fantastic day and even got to see a real mummy!

For anti bullying week this year (13th - 17th Nov.) we decided to focus on the idea that we are all unique. We took the official anti bullying week song and came up with our own actions to the words. We then practiced and performed and were really pleased with our results. Remember we are all UNIQUE! 


We began the year by having a visit from Professor Pyramid who explained the story about the first mummy in Ancient Egypt! Then, during our Stunning Start, we made some of our classmates into mummies, I'm sure you agree we look fantastic!