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Our current topic is: African Adventure

autumn term
Democracy Day 
Jupiter class had a blast on democracy day! After a special assembly with Anne Milton, our local MP. We looked at how parliament is structured and compared the similarities and differences between the House of Commons and the House of Lords. We then took part in a lively debate about school uniform being compulsory. We role played exactly what it would be like, complete with speaker, ,lines on the floor and a bill to be passed. We had to stand if we wanted to speak and there were 'here, here's and boos all round! We then voted on the issue. The result was very close but we decided to keep school uniforms compulsory! 
marwell  zoo
Marvelous Marwell 
On Monday 18th September we had a fantastic trip to Marwell Zoo. We spent time looking at the animals with particular focus on the array of African animals such as giraffes, zebra, a  hippopotamus, lemurs and wildebeest. We then had a workshop, learning about how different animals have adapted to their habitats and evolved over time. Finally we took part in a lemur evolution activity to help us understand how different species of lemur are adapted and how evolution and the environment has impacted on lemurs over millions of years. We had a wonderful day! 
stunning start
In dance we have been dancing our way through Africa! We started off by using our bodies to create a map of each African country. We had to consider the size and location of each country and use our bodies to make different shapes and levels. We are now working on a dance about an Algerian wedding, starting with a camel ride through the desert, then through the mountains and rivers and ending with a lively folk dance at the wedding. 
Stunning Start
We had a fantastic day getting to know Africa! We had  the challenge of trying to piece together 40 pieces of a jigsaw to create a map of Africa. We used atlases to identify the countries by shape, size and location and then named the countries. We have also been researching one of the countries to get to know its climate, culture, topography, food, language, traditions, education and much more.