welcome to Mercury class

Our current topic is:  Space

autumn term


In science, Mercury class has been looking at gravity, the force that attracts a body towards the centre of the Earth. They experimented with various objects to see which would hit the ground first and concluded that an object's mass and size will determine how fast it falls.

our funky odd socks for anti-bullying week

astronomical art

We have been set the challenge of creating a model of the planets of our Solar System using Papier Mache. Presented with different sized balloons, we first had to order the planets from smallest to largest so that we could represent their size correctly. We know that Jupiter is the largest planet while Mercury is the smallest. We have been researching what the planets look like so that we could create a realistic finish for our Solar System.

The birth of a star :

In dance we are creating a routine on how stars are made.

Ice planets

In art we created our very own ‘ice planets’ to represent the planets that were of very cold temperatures due to their distance away from the sun. We had to choose the size of the planet, the amount of ice and the kind of food colouring to use. When the materials had changed state in the freezer we then assembled and named our ice planets.

stunning start

Planetarium Visit

This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from a Planetarium. From inside a mammoth dome we learnt all about how we get day and night, the seasons, and why the moon appears different shapes at night. We also listened to stories about the star constellations and are now hoping to spot 'The Plough' or perhaps 'Orion' from our gardens at night. Also, did you know that a tiny fragment of a star would weigh more than all of New York City?

Stunning Start

We had a very eventful start to our Space topic when we discovered a mysterious egg had landed in one of the trees in our playground. Bravely, we retrieved it and then started asking questions: Where had this egg come from? Who or what was inside? How did it get here? Why is it gold? Does it belong to anyone? We decided to help its owner break out and met...E.T! We have now watched the film about how E.T came to Earth and have started imagining what his home planet might have been like. Now we are describing this planet in our literacy learning.