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escape from pompeii

Year 3 are really enjoying their descriptive language unit in English - we have been reading the story - Escape from Pompeii and acting out the volcano erupting using the parachute!

our Great bread bake off

Neptune and Pluto had a great time making bread in our 'Great Bread Making Bake Off!'  It was a little bit messy but the results were worth it!  We then tasted the bread and evaluated how we got on!  

Year 3 have made their own fantastic fossils!  We create a base using Plasticine and then Miss Heslop poured Plaster of Paris on top - we left it overnight to dry then we pealed off the Plasticine and looked at the results!  We were amazed! 

rock detectives - any fizzing?

Year 3 have been 'Rock Detectives' - we have been making observations of rocks this week and on Thursday we were listening to the rocks!  We added acid (vinegar) to rocks - if the rocks fizzed this meant they contained the shells of dead sea creatures - meaning the were sedimentary rocks or metamorphic rocks (which could have been sedimentary rocks that have been changed into metamorphic rocks due to heat or pressure).

It was great fun!


Romans - swords and mosaics!

Now we have entered the Roman Era!  We have designed our own Roman style shields and swords.  We then cut them out of cardboard, reinforced them with papier mache and then painted them in traditional Roman colours - lots of red and gold!  We think they look amazing! 

Year 3 has great fun on their trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace on 1st November!  We dressed up as Romans, we visited the museum and we explored the mosaics.  It was an amazing day! 

Cranleigh Baptist church workshop

On 5th October, Year 3 were invited to visit Cranleigh Baptist Church for a workshop to introduce us to what happens in a Baptist church.  Andy and his team put on fun activities for us to take part in and we had a really good time!  Thank you!

life in the stone and bronze age

Neptune Class had a class debate - we gave arguments about life for and against life in the Stone Age!

Neptune Class have been reading Stone Age Boy by Satohski Kitamura and acted how the boy might have felt when he first walked into the cave and saw the cave painting!

Neptune Class have really enjoyed learning about the Stone Age and the Bronze Age in their role play and small world

Neptune Class have had great fun in their new learning environment!

stunning start..

For our Stunning Start, Godalming Museum came in and visited us.  They brought artefacts for us to look at and handle - but we had to wear our special gloves first!  Then later we created cave paintings by making our own paints - we ground up the chalk and added water.  We painted with our fingers or with moss and feathers.  It was great fun!