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Miss J Brown
Miss J Brown

Our current topic is: Winter Olympics

spring term
marvelous middle

Year 3 had a great time on their Marvelous Middle trip to Sayers Croft. We participated in lots of activities. In the morning, we did team activities, the Challenge Course and the Blindfolded Maze. In the afternoon we worked as one big group to complete the Forest Compass Challenge. By the end of the day, they were all exhausted, but still had big smiles on their faces.

"In Art, this half term, we have been looking at primary and secondary colours. We did an ice experiment  using the primary colours. We added blue, red and yellow ice cubes to different bags with some water and watched the primary colours blend together to create the secondary colours. We had lots of fun!"

stunning start

Coach Ben from Sports Stars organised a carousel of team activities including 'ice' hockey, target throwing and dodge'snow'ball. Everyone in Pluto really enjoyed their stunning start. Have a look at the photo's to see what we got up to!"

autumn term

Time Travellers Parent Booklet.

our great bread making bake off

Neptune and Pluto had a great time making bread in our 'Great Bread Making Bake Off!'  It was a little bit messy but the results were worth it!  We then tasted the bread and evaluated how we got on!  

marvellous middle

Pluto enjoyed their 'Marvellous Middle' school trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace. We had great fun in the workshop, writing our names in Roman lettering, dressing up like Romans and exploring all the different activities. We had a look round the museum and the mosaics and we even had time to go and explore the Roman gardens.

Cranleigh baptist church workshop

On 5th October, Year 3 were invited to visit Cranleigh Baptist Church for a workshop to introduce us to what happens in a baptist church.  Andy and his team put on fun activities for us to take part in and we had a really good time!  Thank you!


This week in P.E. we have being trying to create a routine to some Stone Age music using our floor shapes. Have a look at our pictures to see what we've been up to. 

stunning start

For our Stunning Start, we had Godalming Museum come and visit Cranleigh Primary. We did some cave painting in the morning and then in the afternoon we got to analyse different types of stone that would have around in the Stone Age.