Welcome to Rockets class

Our current topic: Staying Alive

summer term
Rockets have had great fun growing their own beanstalks! We found some magic beans in our classroom and some instructions telling us how to make them grow!

We are now watching them as they grow and measuring them each day as they get bigger and bigger!
Rockets have now all learnt all the signs for Stage 1 Makaton!
We are proud of the children who have focused on learning new signs and have remembered them brilliantly. Well done Rockets.
Thank you to our fantastic speech and language team for their support.
Royal Wedding
Rockets ate a special lunch to celebrate the Royal Wedding.
Marvellous middle.
Drusillas Zoo Trip
Rockets went to visit Drusilla's Zoo with the lower school as part of our "Staying Alive " topic.
We saw lots of different animals, some of our favourites were the ant eater, the fennec fox and the pretend crocodile who sang to us.

Rockets have been listening to the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. They joined in and acted out the story as Mrs Trinder read it out!

Thank you to Brookmead Vets in Cranleigh for donating leaflets, bandages and posters to our new veterinary surgery role play.

Comets, Moons and Rockets greatly enjoyed 'Pet Day' on Friday. They loved meeting a range of different mammals, birds and reptiles! In the morning Comets wrote questions to ask the different pet owners. Comets, Moons and Rockets would like to thank everyone who bought in a pet.

spring term
easter pause day

On Easter Pause Day Rockets enjoyed making hot cross buns and Easter place mats. We acted out the Easter Story using drama to help us better understand the story.

This week Rockets went on a treasure hunt!
They made maps and clues using positional language, and helped other Rockets find their 'buried' treasure chests.

Rockets have been reading and exploring poems about the sea. They wrote their own poems about the sea and performed them to the class!

Our speech and language therapist taught us how to sign 'stop' 'wait' and 'listen'.

This week we followed instructions to make a pirate hat.


During literacy we got in to the character of a pirate. We acted out what they do on a ship and thought about questions we might ask about them.

Rockets are enjoying their new topic. Sail the Seven Seas

autumn term
christmas story

 Rockets enjoyed acting out the Christmas story in literacy as Mrs Hill read it to us.

Rockets went on a sensory leaf walk to look, smell, listen and touch the leaves in the garden. We collected leaves and made a leaf hedgehog.

 Our role play area is now a fruit and vegetable shop we have been selling and looking at different fruit and vegetables.  

Visit from a Baker

We had a visit from a baker and had a great time making hedgehog rolls yum.

Home role play
We have been having fun in our home role play doing some cooking, cleaning.

Our wall collage. 'Knock Knock! Who's there?