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Our current topic is: African Adventure

Autumn term
fabulous finish
Fabulous Finish
On Tuesday 21st November year 6 went to the Natural History Museum as part of our study on evolution and our Africa topic. We took part in a workshop where we learnt how scientists classify animals, plants, fossils and minerals and were able to choose a specimen to examine more closely. We looked at it under the microscope and asked scientific questions about it as well as observing its properties. There were a huge range of specimens to choose from: crystals, insects, starfish, shells, tortoise shells, animal skins and much more!
We then explored the museum and there was so much to see: dinosaurs, mammals and even an earthquake simulator! It was fascinating to see and learn so much all in one day. A superb trip.
We have been continuing with our African themed dancing. This week we were exploring the Cape Verde islands and had to show our journey using different movements, gestures and freeze frames. We had to listen carefully to the music to ensure we told the story at the correct time and worked in teams to create different effects.
D.T - Biscuits!
In our D.T learning we have been evaluating products and looked at the success of different biscuit brands! We of course had to sample the biscuits to ensure they tasted good, and evaluated their appearance, smell, packaging, taste and texture. We then used our market research to inform our own biscuit designing and making. We followed a recipe and make elephant and giraffe shaped biscuits which we then sold on the playground to raise money for our partner school in Elmolo.
Marvellous middle
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
For our Marvellous Middle to our African Adventure topic we had a visit from the DSWF and learnt about all the amazing work they do to help protect species of endangered animals in Africa. We then took part in an art tissue paper collage workshop. We used water to print with the tissue paper and create a collaged background and then chose an African animal to add to our piece. A really fun morning was had by all.
stunning start


Marwell zoo
As part of our Stunning Start year 6 went to Marwell zoo on Monday 18th September. We saw a whole host of animals heralding from all over the world, including many from the African continent. We also took part in a workshop where we examined how animals were adapted to their habitats and got to handle some real animal furs and artefacts. Later in the day, we learned about the evolution of the lemur.
discovering africa
We have just begun dance lessons and have discovered we can learn the countries in Africa through our dance warm up! We are looking forward to learning some African dances in the coming weeks,
Discovering Africa
On our first day of year 6 we were set the challenge of building the continent of Africa from over 40 jigsaw pieces! We only had the outline of Africa to help us so had to problem solve to figure out how the countries fitted together. Eventually we got the atlases out to help us though it was still a challenge to match the correct shape with the country and its location on the continent. We then labelled the counties. Did you know there are over 50 different countries?
We have also been researching one of the countries to get to know its climate, culture, topography, food, language, traditions, education and much more.