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Autumn term
stunning start


Marwell zoo
As part of our Stunning Start year 6 went to Marwell zoo on Monday 18th September. We saw a whole host of animals heralding from all over the world, including many from the African continent. We also took part in a workshop where we examined how animals were adapted to their habitats and got to handle some real animal furs and artefacts. Later in the day, we learned about the evolution of the lemur.
discovering africa
We have just begun dance lessons and have discovered we can learn the countries in Africa through our dance warm up! We are looking forward to learning some African dances in the coming weeks,
Discovering Africa
On our first day of year 6 we were set the challenge of building the continent of Africa from over 40 jigsaw pieces! We only had the outline of Africa to help us so had to problem solve to figure out how the countries fitted together. Eventually we got the atlases out to help us though it was still a challenge to match the correct shape with the country and its location on the continent. We then labelled the counties. Did you know there are over 50 different countries?
We have also been researching one of the countries to get to know its climate, culture, topography, food, language, traditions, education and much more.