Welcome to Venus class

Mrs S Singleton
Mrs S Singleton

Our current topic is: Rainforest

summer term

A child was chosen from each class to draw and paint a mural with Mrs Conway. The mural is displayed in the corridor at upper school. Well done to all the children for their stunning hard work.

sports week

On Wednesday Venus class enjoyed learning about healthy eating as part of our Sports Week.  We talked about eating a balanced diet, farming and healthy snack alternatives.  The children then had the opportunity to make a healthy mini fruit pizza snack and enjoy some physical activity.  Well done!

In English this week the children have been looking at Biographies, in particular the biographies of athletes.  They learnt about the lives of Usain Bolt and David Beckham.  They were also given the opportunity to research their own sporting hero! 

interhouse rounders
Thank you everyone for taking part this afternoon, it was glorious!  The spirit was high and the kids enjoyed the Rounders Competition.  Thank you to those staff members who came out to cheer the pupils on and to show your support, greatly appreciated.  
All the matches were very close and we had to go to rounders scored in order to determine the winner.  
4th: Porpoise
3rd: Dolphins
2nd: Otters
1st: Whales
Well done Whales!  Some great sportsmanship. 
A well done goes out to Eva Bellamy, Edward Hewitt, Emily Donoghue, Joe Bainbridge and Charlie ? (year 4) for hitting the ball and scoring a full rounder! 
A great afternoon of sport.  
rhs garden wisley trip

Year 5 had a fantastic time exploring the Rainforest Glasshouse at RHS Garden Wisley and produced some brilliant sketches.  ​

Venus class are put to the test with solving problems to complete a jigsaw.  Well done to our top finishers. 

Venus class have a 'Big Debate' about the impact of deforestation.  Environment Minister, Luke Elms, had some serious thinking to do.

Venus class enjoyed a 'United Nations' debate about deforestation.  Our Environment Minister went away with plenty of information before making his final decision.  

Year 5 have been reading stories set in a tropical Rainforest.  Today we looked at inferring and deducing information from pictures.  All pupils worked well as a group and were able to describe what they saw in each picture using their senses. Well done!

Spring term
 easter pause day in Venus class
fabulous finish

Viking Fabulous Finish!  Thank you parents for coming along.  The children were delighted to share with you their work.  We hope you have a lovely and restful Easter holiday.

Year 5 class have greatly enjoyed learning about Vikings! 

Year 5 celebrated Mother's Day by making some lovely cards, singing and enjoying a game of Bingo together.  I hope all mum's enjoyed their day. ​

marchant''s hill

Year 5 had a fantastic time at PGL Marchant's Hill.  The activities were greatly enjoyed and the food was fantastic!  Well done Year 5, super effort! 

world book day

Venus class got caught reading for WBD! 

further investigations into  separating mixtures

Venus class have been finding ways to separate various materials and predicting whether it is soluble or insoluble.  

Venus and Mercury have made their very own Longships and book covers in relation to their Viking topic. ​

Venus and Mercury learnt how to draw a self portrait!  Some masterpieces were created! Super effort. 


In Science, Venus class have been looking at 'soluble' and 'insoluble' mixtures.  The question put forward to Venus class is whether these mixtures can then be separated. This investigation is ongoing! 

stunning start - viking warriors

Stunning Start                                4th January 2018

Today Year 5 learnt about Viking Warriors and the many battles in which they fought. Year 5 created Viking Shields and swords that they will use to practise different battle formations and role-play the invasion of Saxon villages.

autumn term

Venus class has been learning about angles and working together to measure the angles of everyday objects. 

Boys taking part in the muddy Cross Country Race!

William and Leo enjoying being astronauts in our Role Play area.

Venus put their foot down on bullying with their odd socks.
earth's rotation

In Science Venus class has been looking at how we get day and night.  This occurs because of the Earth's rotation around the sun.  We did an experiment looking at how a shadow moves throughout the day.  We also learned about how explorers used sundials to tell the time based on the movements of shadows.  Venus class then made their own sundials! 

stunning start

Planetarium Visit

This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from a Planetarium. From inside a mammoth dome we learnt all about how we get day and night, the seasons, and why the moon appears different shapes at night. We also listened to stories about the star constellations and are now hoping to spot 'The Plough' or perhaps 'Orion' from our gardens at night. Also, did you know that a tiny fragment of a star would weigh more than all of New York City?

Stunning Start

We had a very eventful start to our Space topic when we discovered a mysterious egg had landed in one of the trees in our playground. Bravely, we retrieved it and then started asking questions: Where had this egg come from? Who or what was inside? How did it get here? Why is it gold? Does it belong to anyone? We decided to help its owner break out and met...E.T! We have now watched the film about how E.T came to Earth and have started imagining what his home planet might have been like. Now we are describing this planet in our literacy learning.