Welcome to jupiter Class

Our current topic is: Walk on the wild side!

Geography day

We had a brilliant day exploring the different countries around the world!  In the morning we created persuading posters for our chosen country and in maths we replicated famous buildings from around the world.  The afternoon was filled with lots of activities looking at different countries and their cultures!


In English, we have been designing our own product for the rainforest.  We thought about what inventions would be good if you were exploring the rainforest.  We have every flavour chewing gum, solar paneled phones that turn into tents and metal body suits!  We then presented these to the class using persuading language to make them interested in our product! 

Aspirations day

We really enjoyed aspirations day! In class we discussed and thought about what we want to be when we are older and the steps needed to get there! In the afternoon, we met people from different professions and asked them questions about what they job involved, how they arrived at this job and if this was something they had always wanted to be! It was a brilliant day with lots of discussion and ideas flowing around!

Clay models

In class we have been creating clay models of rainforest animals.  We were careful to make sure we joined the body parts and created a smooth finish!

We were very lucky to have John Kirk come and visit us and tell us some stories!  We all participated in acting out the story and becoming different characters.  The workshop was brilliant and we all laughed but learnt how we can tell stories in different ways!  It also taught us that we can be anything we wanted...

We have been working very hard on our problem solving and reasoning skills.  We have been working as groups to support each other with answering different questions. 


As part of PE, Year 5 have been looking at outdoor activities and looking at a range of orienting and running skills. 


We have been looking at different insects and plants and researching and learning about their different life cycles.  We found a variety of bugs and some creepy looking spiders!


We have been exploring the Arctic region and looking at a circle map and identifying different countries and their locations.  We have been thinking about how they are different to the countries where there are rainforests. 

We have been enjoying our role play and learning about the rainforest!  We are taking on roles in our rainforest camp base!
Stunning Start

For our Stunning Start to our 'Walk on the Wild side' topic we tasted a range of foods that grow in the rainforest: mangoes, bananas, ginger, chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, passion fruit, tomato, pineapple, lemon, oranges and even coffee!  Some of us were not so keen on some of these foods, but, some of us seemed to love the ginger!

We then researched where in the world these foods come from and used our map skills to locate the country and origin of the food. 
spring term
Marchants Hill Residential Trip

Year 5 have just been on a 3 day residential to Marchant's Hill PGL where we enjoyed lots of fun-packed, adventurous activities.  We took part in: the giant swing, trapeze, zip-wire, ambush, Jacob's ladder, powerfan, sensory trail, archery, quad-biking and a disco!  We had loads of fun and challenged ourselves to take risks and conquer our fears.  There was lots of team work and we all enjoyed getting to know each other more.

Click here to see the photos.

In science we are looking at materials and their properties.  Last week, we tested their properties and looked at what materials would suit different roles. We tested if they were a good conductor of heat, conductor of electricity, their hardness and if they were magnetic.  We then compared these and discussed our results. 
Virtual Reality
We were incredibly lucky to experience Virtual Reality thanks to Google expeditions.  We started by exploring dinosaurs and adjusting to the feeling of using the phones and 3D virtual realty cases to learn about different environments. 
During the session we looked at: 
  • Rainforest
  • Sharks
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Northern lights
  • Mount Everest 
It was so much fun and a really great resource to use. 

In science, we looked at water resistance and how being streamline can impact your movement in water.  We designed a boat to minimise water resistance and created out boat out of playdoh.  Although the playdoh was heavy, 2 boats managed to float!

Stunning Start

For their stunning start, year 5 were visited by a Viking Warrior.   “Lord Jarl Sigurd” taught us the fundamentals of what we needed to do to become an authentic Viking warrior.  We learnt different battle formations and role-played invading Saxon villages. 

Autumn Term
Healthy Eating

As Tim Peake has recently been to Space, we decided to plan a healthy meal for an astronaut.  We had to think about what food would be easy to transport and prepare when in Space.  We then created a pasta dish, preparing all the ingredients and even taste testing!  The pasta turned out very yummy!


In maths, we recently looked at ratios and working out what they showed us and how they help us in real life.  In our lesson, each group was given a cake ingredient from E.T.  He wanted to make a cake, but the recipe was for too many people. Therefore, each group had to work out what ingredients they needed. 

Within our Space topic, we have been looking at different forces and created our own space capsule.  We placed an egg inside and had to drop it from quite a height and see if our 'eggonaut' survived!  Luckily, most of them made it back to Earth with a cushioned landing!
Planetarium visit

Year 5 were lucky enough to have a planetarium visit school. Inside the dome we learnt all about the movement of the Earth, seasons and different star constellations. It was an amazing experience inside the planetarium and we learnt so much!

3D Models

This week, we have been using different layering and pattern techniques to create 3D models of the planets in our Solar System.  We have been creating them to scale and thinking about what colours we should be using to add detail. 

E.T. comes to Cranleigh!

Well, what a great couple of weeks back! First, we discovered an unusual alien egg arrive in the school playground. Then we spent a few days discovering and learning about who had arrived at Cranleigh C of E primary school... E.T! We wonder why he is here?