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Our current topic is: 

How does your garden grow?​

Plant Hunting

We went on a plant hunt at lower and upper school. We found lots of lovely plants including forget-me-nots, ivy, roses, grass, daisies and cow parsley. Because we had worked so hard, we then had a go on the upper school trim trail and played some games in the sunshine.

storyteller visit

Year one and two thoroughly enjoyed the storyteller's version of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and Rapunzel when he visited in the last week of the half term. There was lots of audience participation as you can see...

Trip to Wisley
What a wonderful day we had at Wisley Gardens! The sun was out and we had such fun exploring the vegetable gardens, Bonsai trees and the Glasshouse before we went on a Wisley Bear Hunt. After this we learnt how to take cuttings and told the guide all about our plant knowledge. We all go tot take home a plant to grow.
Moons have been enjoying learning about plants and which parts we eat.  We learnt some fun facts like carrots are actually roots and when we eat celery, it is the stem of a plant. 
We did some vegetable printing and created patterns using different vegetables.
As part of our D&T lesson, we had to make a healthy snack.  We each made our own salad and tried lots of new foods.  Delicious! ​
Spring Term
Trip to Sayers Croft
Year one had a brilliant time on their trip to Sayers Croft.  We started our day by pond dipping using nets to catch all sorts of pond life.  We caught newts, pond skaters, larvae and lots more.  See what you can spot in our trays.  After break we hunted for mini beasts in the woods.  We found a variety of creepy crawlies including centipedes, millipedes, woodlice, worms and spiders.  We all enjoyed our picnic lunch with year two and then headed off for an earth walk in the afternoon.  For this we used our senses to explore the woods.  We used mirrors so that we could see like mice, we hugged trees wearing blindfolds and made smelly woodland cocktails too.
What a super day we had!  
In Maths we used numicon to investigate odd and even numbers .

We have been learning about Judaism and what is important to Jewish people.  We found out that the Torah is an important scroll.  We wrote our own life rules on our Torahs.


We have been using watercolours to create an African sunset.  We learnt about shades and tones and how to blend colours together.

Feeling Good Week

In Feeling Good Week we took part in lots of fun activities. We learnt about growth mindset and decided that we will try to be more positive every day. We had a great time at the circus skills workshop too - we can now spin plates and juggle scarves! We also took part in laughing yoga; we giggled a lot!

Marvellous Middle
For our Marvellous Middle we had an 'Around the World' afternoon with Suns Class. We did jungle yoga, coloured flags, played instruments from around the world and played a variety of games from other countries too. To finish our afternoon we learnt some Tai Chi.

We designed an emoji to remind people to stay safe online. We talked about lots of different designs and made our own. We decided the best way was to not tell! Here's our emoji and our class reminder!


Whilst visiting China in our topic, we learnt to retell the story of Mulan. We became storytellers and used Mrs Morris' special storyteller box!

stunning Start
For our stunning start, we took a walk along the Downs Link and talked about physical and human features of the environment. It was a very muddy day!
Autumn Term

Moons Class enjoyed learning to stay safe whilst cooking when we made Rocky Road for our parents Christmas present. We talked about the dangers of hot chocolate and melted butter and also how to use utensils safely. We know we must wash our hands and cook hygienically.

What a week!  Father Christmas and his elves wrote to us all week asking us to help him solve problems.  We had to help him with some mince pie and reindeer problems (adding and subtracting.)  We also had to help the elves decorate the Grotto - they had lost their decorations so we had to make some more using 2D shapes.  Father Christmas also needed our help to sort out his presents... he got himself into a terrible muddle and we helped him sort the pressies to make sure that everyone had the same number of gifts and there were none the same.  Finally we helped him to arrange his sleigh for Christmas Eve.  He wanted us to work out which shape presents would and would not roll so that none fell off the sleigh.  We found out that some rolled a little (such as cone shaped presents) so we made a great Venn diagram to help us show this.
Special Visit
Moons Class were very excited to have the Fire Brigade into school for their Marvellous Middle.  We set up our own London town using models we had made, then the fire started!  We had our very own Great Fire of London.  We could see how quickly the fire spread... we could feel the heat from quite far away!  The fire brigade talked to us about what to do in an emergency and told us to make sure we tell our grown ups to check their smoke alarms.

We have planned our own enquiry in English and have used the internet and non-fiction books to find out about the Queen.  We made our own books to write our facts in.  We made our own books by sewing.


We have fun creating our Alice In Wonderland Puddle of Tears dance with Rachel, our dance teacher.

Alice in Wonderland
We've continued our learning through Alice in Wonderland activities this week. ... Alice set us a task to investigate the capacity of her bottles marked 'drink me' so we learnt lots of capacity words and also learnt how to measure accurately. 
Later in the week, Alice asked us to describe some of her belongings as part of our investigation into our senses.  We used our sense of touch to describe the texture of her dress and apron, shoes, teacup, headband and bag.  Last week we found out what materials these items were made of.  We thought of some interesting adjectives and have made a display of all the ones we thought of. 
In maths we have been learning about time.  We have been using lots of time vocabulary and we can also now tell the time to o'clock. 

This weeks Science lesson was about investigating the sense of smell!  We had to try to identify different smells.  We tried to identify marmite, strawberry jam, lime, vinegar and tomato ketchup.  Some of the smells we liked and were easy to name, but some weren't nice and were tricky too!


In Maths this week we have been learning about time and sequencing events. We have linked this to our history topic of 'time capsule' and have bought in memory bags to share with the class. We put all of our items in order and told Mrs Morris and the class all about what happened first, next and most recently. We really enjoyed it!

Church Visit
Moons class went back to church this week to look at the features of the inside of the church building. We met Georgie and Ian who showed us around and told us lots of new words.  We learnt about the pulpit, the altar, the organ pipes, the font, stained glass windows, the choir stalls and the nave. (We remember the nave as the belly button of the church because it is in the middle.)
Week One

Moons Class have had a busy first week in Year One.  We have been retelling the story of Alice in Wonderland through story maps and have been beginning to write parts of the story too.  Our maths has taken us on number hunts this week, recognising numbers and we've practising writing them correctly too. In Science we have been looking at seasons and have picked a tree to study for the year.  We combined our lesson with art to and have been developing our sketching skills... we have done some beautiful sketches of the tree we picked.  In RE we visited St.Nicolas Church to learn about the features of a church. This week we looked at the outside and talked about the bell tower, stained glass windows and the shapes we saw on the building.  Next week we're really looking forward to going inside the church to learn about the features there too.