Welcome to Neptune Class

Our current topic is: Going for Gold!


Lower School have been looking after duck eggs this week and they have begun to hatch!  Year 3 took a trip down to see the ducklings and we were allowed to carefully stroke them too.

Sports Week

Year 3 have had a great week this week to celebrate Sports Week!  Firstly we combined our Art and DT with healthy eating.  We looked at the work of Caravaggio and painted our own fruit bowl still life.  Then we chopped up the fruit and made fruit kebabs - they were delicious!

We had a blast during our Year 3 inter-house dodgeball tournament!  It was a very close match but eventually Dolphins House won!  Well done to Porpoises, Whales and Otters though.

Finally, at the end of the week we had a sports carousel.  We took part in Epic Hula Hooping, Skipping, Tennis, Cricket and Yoga!  It was all amazing fun.​

Geography Day

Neptune Class had great fun dressing from around the world on Geography Day!  Miss Heslop came dressed as the Italian flag so we created pizza craft with her during our carousel afternoon!  Thank you to Miss Munslow for organising such a fun afternoon!


We had great fun with Mrs Chuch in music this week.  We were doing a call and response on percussion instruments.  We had drums, tambourines, cymbals etc.  We are getting very good at following instructions and keeping a steady beat.​

Aspiration Day

Miss Sherress organised Aspiration Day so that we could gather inspiration for a range of possible careers.  We visited our hall and were amazed by all the adults who had come to visit us!  We saw a veterinarian, a physiotherapist, personal trainer, a beautician, the owner of a building company, an artist, an engineer and a paramedic. 

We were able to go and talk to them all, ask them about their work and have a look at some of the tools and resources they had brought with them.  (Although some of us were just as excited by the freebie pens!)


Neptune Class created a scientific experiment to see if coins were magnetic - we tested all coins from 1p up to £1, we tested shiny coins and dull coins.  The results were.... surprising.  We wondered if some of the coins were counterfeit!?  Regardless - our learning intention was to devise our own experiment, gather our own resources and test our predictions - which we had great fun doing!

spring term
Easter Pause Day

On the 29th March Neptune took part in Easter Pause Day.  Their focus this year was the journey of Jesus.  The class took one of five stories that depicted the journey that Jesus' life took and acted these out in their topic groups.  The group shown acted out Jesus' Resurrection. 

Workshop at Cranleigh Baptist Chuch

On Monday February 20th, Year 3 were invited to Cranleigh Baptist Church.  Year 3 took part in a workshop called ‘Riding with Giants’, this involved finding out how Christians worship God.  Andy explained that this could be done through prayer, singing, music, speakers, groups and quiet time alone.  Andy used examples of these throughout the workshop.

The workshop also focussed on the story of Joshua with the children becoming the Israelites and marching around the city of Jericho silently until after 6 days the walls of Jericho came tumbling down, the Baptist church had created this with many boxes which came crashing down around the children. 

The Children then split into two groups, one group completed an activity sheet whilst the other had a talk and demonstration on the sharing of bread and wine, which leads very well into our current RE learning ‘What is Maundy Thursday?’

The children gained a great deal from the workshop and there was a lovely buzz on the walk back to school. Before leaving one of the members of the Cranleigh Baptist Church had commented how well behaved and engaged the children were.

‘I learnt that William Tyndale translated the bible into English’ – Jed Robson, Pluto

‘I have learnt that Jesus is not on their (Baptist) cross because he rose back to life so is with us and not on the cross.  That People didn't want the Bible to be read by everyone so wasn't in English. Henry Vlll finally made it in English when he found the last one and read it.’ – Elias Jones, Neptune

When I Grow Up
Autumn Term
Poetry Writing

This week we used the book "Escape from Pompeii" to write some poetry.  We used drama to represent our ideas and then wrote a poem to tell the story.

LI: to write a poem

Targets for Success:

  • I can think about my audience
  • I can up level my vocabulary
  • I can use adjectives and verbs

Roxy used all her Targets for Success to write a great example:


cloudy, busy

selling, chatting, playing

A fun happy place to be




loud, scary

shocking, frothing

Where are the people going?



The Return

silent, peaceful

crying, wondering, lonely

Will it happen again?



We have been working really hard in our Spanish sessions this half term to learn greetings and simple sentences.  We have been putting together some conversations using what we have learnt. What do you think?


We have been using our cutting, joining and stitching skills this week to make Roman togas!  We found this quite tricky to start with, but managed to create some authentic looking togas that we really love to wear!  Do you like them?


 Since our Roman invasion the children have enjoyed redecorating the role play and small world areas in the classroom to give them a more Roman feel. They have also had some great experiences using them to act out and discuss different aspects of Roman life.

 Look back soon and you will see examples of the togas we are creating using the pillow cases you kindly sent in!


We have started looking at Roman mosaics and had a go at creating our own. We will be making a whole class display with them very soon but in the meantime look at a few examples with their proud creators.


We have been hearing stories about the different Gods and will be writing one of our own in our Big Write this week.  While in maths we are now looking at multiplication and will be using Roman worded problems to test out these skills.

Harvest Festival

On the 28th September all of Year 3 performed in church for this years harvest festival.  We chose a special theme called 'The Harvest of our Trees'.  We thought about how special trees are and how much they actually give us.  We said thank you to God for creating our beautiful world.

Roman Invasion!
On Monday 19th September 2016 we were invaded by the Romans! 5 Guards came to our classroom and marched us to the hall and told us we had to surrender and become a Roman or nasty things would happen to us! The main Guard pulled us out one by one and said we would be slaves for them or be in the army and some of us even would fight for his pleasure! We have now become full Romans (even though we may not have really wanted too)!
The Celts

We have been having lots of fun learning about the Celts and how they lived.  We have been using non-fiction texts to find out about Celtic homes and used instructional language to help us build our own Celtic Roundhouse.  We worked really well in teams and made some fantastic creations!

Week One
We have had a great first week settling in and learning about the Celts. We had no idea just how many years ago the Celtic people lived in Britain!
We keep hearing something about some "Rotten Romans" - but we are yet to see any sign of them yet. Keep looking back at our page to see if anything exciting happens to our class in the next couple of weeks...