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Our current topic is: Going for Gold


Lower School have been looking after duck eggs this week and they have begun to hatch!  Year 3 took a trip down to see the ducklings and we were allowed to carefully stroke them too.

sports week

Year 3 have had a great week this week to celebrate Sports Week!  Firstly we combined our Art and DT with healthy eating.  We looked at the work of Caravaggio and painted our own fruit bowl still life.  Then we chopped up the fruit and made fruit kebabs - they were delicious!  We had a blast during our Year 3 inter-house dodgeball tournament!  It was a very close match but eventually Dolphins House won!  Well done to Porpoises, Whales and Otters though.  Finally, at the end of the week we had a sports carousel.  We took part in Epic Hula Hooping, Skipping, Tennis, Cricket and Yoga!  It was all amazing fun.‚Äč

Aspirations Day

Miss Sherress organised Aspiration Day so that we could gather inspiration for a range of possible careers.  We visited our hall and were amazed by all the adults who had come to visit us!  We saw a veterinarian, a physiotherapist, personal trainer, a beautician, the owner of a building company, an artist, an engineer and a paramedic. 

We were able to go and talk to them all, ask them about their work and have a look at some of the tools and resources they had brought with them.  (Although some of us were just as excited by the freebie pens!)

spring term
Workshop at Cranleigh Baptist Church

On Monday February 20th, Year 3 were invited to Cranleigh Baptist Church.  Year 3 took part in a workshop called ‘Riding with Giants’, this involved finding out how Christians worship God.  Andy explained that this could be done through prayer, singing, music, speakers, groups and quiet time alone.  Andy used examples of these throughout the workshop.

The workshop also focussed on the story of Joshua with the children becoming the Israelites and marching around the city of Jericho silently until after 6 days the walls of Jericho came tumbling down, the Baptist church had created this with many boxes which came crashing down around the children. 

The Children then split into two groups, one group completed an activity sheet whilst the other had a talk and demonstration on the sharing of bread and wine, which leads very well into our current RE learning ‘What is Maundy Thursday?’

The children gained a great deal from the workshop and there was a lovely buzz on the walk back to school. Before leaving one of the members of the Cranleigh Baptist Church had commented how well behaved and engaged the children were.

‘I learnt that William Tyndale translated the bible into English’ – Jed Robson, Pluto

‘I have learnt that Jesus is not on their (Baptist) cross because he rose back to life so is with us and not on the cross.  That People didn't want the Bible to be read by everyone so wasn't in English. Henry Vlll finally made it in English when he found the last one and read it.’ – Elias Jones, Neptune


We have been practicing country dances and became very good at the Cumberland Reel. But yesterday we designed and then filmed our own to the 8 beat count of the Reel. I hope you like them.


We designed and made ice lollies to go with our ice theme – we also enjoyed eating them!


We have been learning about Fractions – here are a few of our representations of how to count in fractions. It would be really useful to practice that at home.

Google Exploration

We were lucky enough to have Google expeditions come into school last week to give us a Virtual Reality experience.  After learning so much about Antarctica it gave us the chance to explore firsthand what it is like to actually be there. Just listening to the excited squeals each time they saw something new was priceless. There was a little time at the end so we even popped to the North Pole to see Santa workshop!


In English we used the book ‘Ice Trap’ and learnt a lot about Shackleton’s expedition to the Antarctic.  How it turned into a matter of survival and the important part Shackleton played in ensuring this happened. T he story inspired us to firstly write a persuasive letter to convince him to take us as a member of  his crew and then letters home to loved ones explaining what was going on and how we felt about the different situations.  The letters are up on our big write wall if you have time pop in and read them.

Using the information we gained about the man we are creating PowerPoint presentations of fact about him – Watch this space as we will upload some when they are finished.  They really show off our research and computing skills.


After researching animal facts on the computer and reading more information and answering questions in Guided Reading we created habitats with accompanying paragraphs in science to explain how the animals survive in their locations. The children presented what they found to the class.


In geography we learnt about where the Polar Regions are and how globes and maps are divided with invisible lines called latitude and longitude. We used clay to represent where the lines of latitude are and labelled what each area is called. We will be looking first at the Polar Regions finding out more about Antarctica and the Arctic. Next half term we will look more at the tropical regions near the equator.

Spring Term – Stunning Start

To start this terms ‘Ice and Fire’ topic we watched a video clip of two Inuit’s building an igloo, it was amazing to see that they actually build it out of compacted snow, not ice, that they cut into blocks with a large knife.  We then began making our own indoor igloo out of the many milk bottles everyone collected – thank you for that.  

Firstly we created a base by joining large pieces of cardboard together before marking out and cutting it into a circle.

We then all create ‘ice’ bricks by using the hot glue gun to stick two bottles together – we talked about the safety issues when using hot glue and were very careful.  Our main job was holding them together to make sure they were completely stuck.  Following that they were joined together to create each layer of our own igloo curving inwards at the top until we had created a dome shape.

While the construction was underway we experimented in class with different techniques to create our own Polar region pictures.

Autumn Term
Autumn Term Fabulous Finish

To finish off our Romans topic we participated in an archaeological dig. We separated the ground into squares so we could record where we found the items. We were lucky and found a number of roman broaches!

They look a lot like the Roman broaches we made in art to go on our outfits at our end of term toga party!

Roman Chariots

The Roman Chariots made at home were an amazing standard and are also displayed in the year 3 and 4 shared area.


This half terms Science topic has been Light. We have carried out different experiments looking at how light reflects and creates shadows. After setting up a sun dial in the playground and looking at how the shadow moved and changed length we made our own shadow puppets. We could change the size of their shadows by changing the distance the light source was from our puppet.

Marvellous Middle – Trip to Bignor Roman Villa

Year 3 had an amazing trip to Bignor Roman Villa to allow the children to see for themselves the things we have been learning about in class. During the day the two classes completed three different workshops. They really enjoyed pretending to be Roman salves and using quern stones to grind the corn into flour. We had a competition to see who could grind the most, Pluto class won, but we still only had enough to make a small roll!

In the afternoon we had a guided tour of what was once a farm that housed about 70 relatives. We were very excited to find we were standing on an actual mosaic floor that was around in the roman times! We than heard stories about the other mosaics that they had found parts of and I was very impressed with the questions the children were able to answer and the knowledge they were sharing with our guide.

A lovely day was had by all and even the weather was kind so we were able to eat our lunch and have a play outside.


During History we have been researching the different leisure activities the Romans use to participate in and comparing them to the kind of things we do nowadays. We then acted out what we thought the scenes from these time would look like creating Freeze frames. Below you can see a trip to the Roman Baths and some Chariot racing.

Art & DT

Using the inspiration of Mosaics from Roman times we created our own versions using coloured paper. They have all been used to create a beautiful display in the year 3 and 4 shared area. We also had a go at some sewing to embellish the togas we made out of pillow cases in preparation for wearing at our end of term Roman Feast.


In our maths lessons we have been practicing multiplying and trying to become quicker at getting to our tables answers. We used a range of games to help us recognise multiples of different numbers and used reasoning skills to help explain how we were getting to our answers.


Since our Roman invasion the children have enjoyed redecorating the role play and small world areas in the classroom to give them a more Roman feel. They have also had some great experiences using them to act out and discuss different aspects of Roman life.


During our art sessions we have started looking at Roman mosaics and had a go at creating our own. We will be making a whole class display with them very soon but in the meantime look at a few examples with their proud creators.

English & Maths

In English we have been hearing stories about the different Gods and will be writing one of our own in our Big Write this week.  While in maths we are now looking at multiplication and will be using Roman worded problems to test out these skills.

Look back soon and you will see examples of the togas we are creating using the pillow cases you kindly sent in!

Harvest Festival

On the 28th September all of Year 3 performed in church for this years harvest festival.  We chose a special theme called 'The Harvest of our Trees'.  We thought about how special trees are and how much they actually give us.  We said thank you to God for creating our beautiful world.

Roman Invasion!
On Monday 19th September 2016 we were invaded by the Romans!  5 Guards came to our classroom and marched us to the hall and told us we had to surrender and become a Roman or nasty things would happen to us!  The main Guard pulled us out one by one and said we would be slaves for them or be in the army and some of us even would fight for his pleasure!  We have now become full Romans (even though we may not have really wanted too)!