Welcome to rockets Class

Our current topic is: Wild Woods


We have enjoyed being "duckling experts" and showing our ducklings to lots of different classes.  We have enjoyed watching them swim and splash and have answered lots of questions from the other children.

Our ducklings are growing well. We let them have a play in some water - they enjoyed splashing each other as well as us!

We were really excited to see our ducklings hatching. They were very damp when they first hatched but soon fluffed up.

Our garden

Our flowers and vegetables have been growing well and, this week, we were able to pick more strawberries and some mange tout.  We all tried them - some children loved them, others were not so sure!

Geography Day

On Geography day, we all enjoyed dressing in the colours of a flag or as an animal from a different country.  We imagined that we were on holiday and wrote postcards to tell someone else about the things that we could see or do in a different place.

Aspirations Day

During 'Aspirations Day' we learnt about different jobs. The children enjoyed dressing up and we all enjoyed hearing about Miss Daboo's other job - as a dance teacher. We performed the tap dance that we have been practising for the rest of the lower school.

Trip to Wisley Gardens

We had a wonderful day at Wisley Gardens. We used our senses to explore the flowers, leaves and trees and enjoyed collecting interesting items that were on the floor. The staff at Wisley helped us to plant some pelargonium cuttings - the leaves smelt like lemons!


The plants in our Rockets class garden are growing well.  While we were looking at the plants, we spotted some minibeasts - an ant and a bee!


Our current literacy focus is 'stories in a familiar setting'.  We are reading and working on books from the Percy the Park Keeper series.  These books have wonderful, clear language and simple story lines that the children enjoy acting out.  Our role-play area has changed to support our learning - we now have Percy's hut in the classroom!


As part of our topic on 'Wild Woods', we will be learning about plants.  We started this week by planting some flowers in our raised bed and looked at the roots.  We needed to water our plants.

Stunning start

We have started our new topic of 'Wild Woods' this week.  As our 'Stunning Start', we went on a Bear Hunt.  We used different words to describe the places and weather as we travelled to the dark, gloomy cave!

spring term
New Role Play

We have a wonderful new role-play in Rockets class – a campsite!

Our trip to Sayers Croft

The older children in Rockets class joined Comets and Moons classes on a trip to Sayers Croft.  We travelled by bus.  It was quite a long wait at the bus stop, so we sang songs and practised our tap-dancing to pass the time.

When we arrived, we had a fantastic time looking for mini-beasts.  While the year 1 children tried to catch animals in the pond, year 2 used their nets to see what they could find in the river.  We also looked for creepy-crawlies under logs in the woodland area.

We were all a bit muddy and tired by the time that we got back to school, but it had been a lovely day!

Golf Lessons

For the past couple of weeks, the children in Rockets Class have been learning some golf skills.  We have had to learn to control how hard we need to hit the ball and how to direct where it goes.  The children have persevered and all have shown improvements.

Parent visit

This week, as part of our topic of ‘Here and There’, we had a visit from a parent.  When Petra was a child, she lived in Slovakia.  She told us about the mountains, castles and churches that can be found in the country and showed us photographs of some of these.  We listened to some traditional music and looked at traditional clothes.  We were all able to ask questions.

Book Day

The children and adults in Rockets class have all enjoyed dressing up for Book Day!  We read some of the wonderful stories and wrote about Winnie the Witch and her cat Wilbur.

Europe - Madeira
We have been learning about Europe this week. One of our pupils brought in lots of things from Madeira. She dressed in traditional clothes and we all had a chance to play traditional instruments.
Here and There - Marvellous Middle

The children in Rockets class really enjoyed joining their mainstream peers to take part in this term’s ‘Marvellous Middle’. The afternoon began with a Yoga session and then we all took part in group activities. We made flags, played instruments from around the world and played games from Africa and Canada. It was a busy, but enjoyable, afternoon and we learnt about some of the similarities and differences between the place where we live and other countries.

We explored the different sounds that could be made using a variety of instruments...

Children found the flag design that matched their sheet and coloured to match.

This game, from Canada, was called ‘Snow-shoes’. The children had to work in pairs to move across the room without falling into the deep snow!


We went on a trip to Pizza Express to learn how to make pizza. We all enjoyed shaping the dough and adding our toppings.  While we were there, we looked around the restaurant to see how the food was stored and prepared.  We went into the enormous freezer and looked at the pizza ovens.  We saw the machines that made ice and those that did the washing up – very quickly!  We were able to ask and answer questions.  At the end of our visit, we took our pizzas back to school.  It was a lovely trip and the pizzas were lovely too!


We all enjoyed eating French bread and croissants. We looked at pictures that showed us different places in France and we thought about the different things that you could do if you went on holiday to France.


As part of our topic of ‘Here and There’, we have continued to find out about aspects of life in different countries.  Last week, to coincide with Chinese New Year, we learnt about China.  We tried some food, learnt how difficult it is to eat with chop sticks and read and acted some stories that helped us to learn about the animals and traditions in China.  We watched clips of dragon and lion dancing and listened to some traditional Chinese drumming.

Sports Stars

Each week, Rockets class have a PE lesson with Sports Stars.

We have recently been working on creating balances. Working with a partner to create balances requires the children to communicate clearly in order to establish who takes which role. It also builds trust between friends as they have to rely on their partner for support.

Here & There: England & India
We have started our new topic since starting back after the Christmas holidays. During the first week, we thought about England - we thought about the things that we might see in a town, a woodland and a beach.  We looked on the computer and in non-fiction books to learn about the animals that live in these places too.
This week we are learning about India.  We have looked at photos, listened to music and handled a variety of things from India.  We have seen how a sari is worn and enjoyed learning about animals.  We have tried to think about things that are the same and different.
Autumn Term
Christmas Cafe
This week, Rockets class have been using maths skills to set up and run a café.  We had to weigh, measure and count as we cooked and decorated cakes and biscuits.  We needed to solve mathematical problems when we decided how many chairs, tables, cups and plates we would need and we had to think about different coins and adding when we made up the bill for each customer.
When we were serving our customers, we used the phrases  and words that we had practised so that we could take an order and be polite.
We were pleased that so many of our parents and carers were able to come to our café.  
As part of our Time Machine topic, Rockets class have travelled forward in time to a time when we may all have robots to help us.  We made a class robot.

Anti-bullying week
We read lots of stories about how we should treat our friends. Our display shows that we should be kind to everyone and that it doesn't matter if we are different from our friends.

Trip to the café

We have been playing and learning in our role-play café in the classroom.  During our trip out, we visited a real café – in Cranleigh Arts Centre.  Each child made a choice of a drink and two biscuits and placed their own order.  Once they had their snack, they paid individually.  While sitting at the table, each group chatted to their friends and the adult that they were with.  It was a fantastic opportunity to use the skills and language that we have learnt in the classroom in a real situation.

Trip to Cranleigh High Street

This week, we went for a walk along Cranleigh High Street.  The children had a list of shops and items such as a letter box, traffic lights and litter bin to look for.  We talked about the items that we saw and the reason that they were in a High Street.  We went into the butchers, fishmongers, bakers and supermarket to see what could be bought there.  We found ingredients listed on a recipe in the supermarket and paid for the items at the till.

Our Role-play café

The children have really enjoyed playing in our new role-play café. We have read and acted out the story of ‘Mrs Wobble the Waitress’ and have been learning about the different jobs that people may have in a café (now and a long time ago). We have learnt about the way that we behave and the things that we might say in a café.

Firefighter visit

It was very exciting when the firefighters came to school. We were able to climb into the fire engine, look at all the equipment and even try on some of the protective clothes.

Sports stars – hockey

This half term we are learning how to be safe when we control a ball with our hockey sticks and tackle our friends to get the ball.

Skills Development

This week in Rockets class, we worked with Beth, our speech therapist, on a variety of attention-developing activities. We looked at some highly motivating toys (as we practised ‘good sitting’, ‘good looking’ and ‘good listening’ skills) and then the children took their turn to make marks like fireworks -in a tray filled with flour and glitter.

These activities linked well with our work on descriptive language and our sensory poems about fireworks as well as helping our children to develop some of the skills needed to learn in a classroom environment.

Dinosaur Maths

We used our time machine to travel back in time to meet dinosaurs! We try to link our maths work to our topic to give our learning a context and purpose. Some children used non-standard measure (cubes) to match and compare the sizes of our toy dinosaurs. We were able to practise some language that links to size and measurement including comparative adjectives (such as bigger, biggest, taller, tallest etc).

In the playground, we measured out the length of different dinosaurs with string so that we could see how big they would have been. We recorded our findings by colouring in strips of paper to represent the length of dinosaurs from their nose to tail. Some children were able to use this recording to answer mathematical questions.

We used small, coloured dinosaurs to help us to count groups accurately and to add, subtract and sort items in response to number stories.

Marvellous Middle – Time Machine

Rockets class joined Suns class to travel back in time to a ‘Party in Great Grandma’s time’.  Miranda showed us some wonderful artefacts from Horsham museum.  We were able to handle cameras, a radio, some items of clothing and various pieces of equipment that would have been used in the kitchen as well as play with some of the toys and games that would have been played when the children’s great grandparents were young.  We all enjoyed playing ‘Oranges and Lemons’ and many of the children were surprised to find out that there would have been no party bags at the end of a party!  

Church Visit

Our Reception children joined their mainstream class on a visit to church.  They were able to have a look around the church before our Harvest festival service later this week.

Learning about Babies

As part of our Time Machine topic, we have been learning about babies.  We travelled in our time machine to find out about the children in our class when they were babies.  We were able to talk about changes when we looked at the baby photos of some of our class and looked at some of the toys and clothes that the children would have used 4, 5 or 6 years ago.

Mrs Shorter’s nephew, ‘Arlo’, came to visit the class with his mum on Tuesday.  We were able to ask questions about babies and watched him play with his toys.  We looked at his pram and thought about the way in which we need to behave with younger children.  We hope that Arlo will visit us again in a few months’ time so that we are able to see how he has grown and changed.

Sports Stars

We have enjoyed our first session this term with ‘Sports Stars’. The children always look forward to the games that we play and, this week, tried hard to develop their ball skills. Our weekly sessions last for 20 minutes and not only focus on fitness and PE skills but also listening, comprehension and vocabulary that links to body parts and positional language.

Time Machine

We worked together to build a ‘Time Machine’ at the beginning of our topic. The children drew and labelled designs and were able to practise their fine motor skills as we cut cog shapes and spirals. We linked our number work to the project as we created clocks and dials with numbers sequenced both forwards and backwards in steps of 1, 2, 5 and 10. We look forward to using our Time Machine as we travel back and forwards in time during our topic this term.

Our first week back in Rockets Class

We were all very excited to be back in Rockets class this week after our summer break. The children enjoyed looking at the new displays and role-play areas. We all had fun dressing up.

We also went to see how our garden area had changed. It was lovely to find that our sunflower has grown taller.

Our runner beans had grown enormously.  We found lots of beans to pick.  We opened the bean pods and counted the beans.  They reminded us on Jack’s magic beans.