Welcome to saturn Class

Our current topic is: Walk on the wild side!

This week we were visited by a storyteller - John Kirk - who involved us all in telling and acting out a story about a King and his three sons, who were on a mission to find some apples to cure his illness. 
Animal art
We have been observing photos and art work of animals that live in the rainforest. We then sketched our own, adding colour and shading, developing our blending skills to make our work look life-like.
In maths we have had lots of problem solving to do based on area, perimeter and volume.
We are having lots of fun in our role play - acting out our rainforest stories and imagining life as part of a rainforest tribe.
Stunning Start
For our Stunning Start to our 'Walk on the Wild side' topic we tasted a range of foods that grow in the rainforest: mangoes, bananas, ginger, chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, passion fruit, tomato, pineapple, lemon, oranges - it was a tropical feast!  We then researched where in the world these foods come from and used our map skills to locate the country and origin of the food.  We spotted that most rainforests lie between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.  We now know some of the most famous and largest rainforests on our planet.
spring term
Fabulous Finish – Dragonese Day!                       

As part of our “Fabulous Finish” for our ‘Vicious Vikings’ topic Year 5 hosted their own ‘Dragonese Day’.  We came into school dressed as a dragon or a Viking dragon trainer and all our learning was based around all things dragon!  In literacy we learnt how to speak Dragonese (the mythical language spoken by dragons) and wrote messages to each other in character as Hiccup and Toothless using sticks, ink and parchment.  In maths we created dragon ‘Top Trumps’ cards, practising reading, writing and comparing numbers up to 1,000,000, including decimal numbers, while finding out more about the different species of dragon by researching these on our learnpads.  We then created some dragon artwork, sketching a dragon and adding watercolour or collage materials to make the finished product.  Furthermore, we had some origami lessons and made some dragons!

Marchants Hill Residential Trip

Year 5 have just been on a 3 day residential to Marchant's hill PGL where we enjoyed lots of fun-packed, adventurous activities.  We took part in: the giant swing, trapeze, zip-wire, ambush, Jacob's ladder, powerfan, sensory trail, archery, quad-biking and a disco!

We had loads of fun and challenged ourselves to take risks and conquer our fears.  There was lots of team work and we all enjoyed getting to know each other more.

Click here to view the photos.

World Book Day
Today we celebrated World Book day.  We all dressed up as a book character and took part in a ‘costume parade’ with the rest of KS2.  In class, we discussed our favourite books and authors and then contributed our favourite book to the school ‘writes of passage’ display – writing about why the book was special to us.  We took part in ‘Stop, Drop and Read’.  In addition, we designed a world book day logo for the ‘oodles of doodles’ competition.  Finally, we got artistic and sketched a setting from a chosen story. 
Butser Farm

For our 'Marvellous Middle' to our Vicious Vikings topic, Year 5 went to Butser Ancient Farm to experience what daily life would have been like for the Viking people. We were able to sit in a Viking long house with the Viking central heating (a fire!) and see how dark and cold it would have been at night. We then became archaeologists and excavated some ancient Viking artefacts – a lot of us found animal bones and bits of crockery. After that we were able carve our own talisman from chalk using a flint,  sew our initial using Viking runes and use oak branches to make a fence by ‘wattling’. 

Google Expeditions

We were incredibly lucky to experience Virtual Reality thanks to Google expeditions.  We started by exploring dinosaurs and adjusting to the feeling of using the phones and 3D virtual realty cases to learn about different environments. 

During the session we looked at: 

  • Rainforests
  • Sharks
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Outer Space - Our Solar System
  • Antarctica
  • Northern lights
  • Inside the human body

It was so much fun and a really great resource to use. 

Role Play

In the role play we have enjoyed pretending to be Vikings and travelling on a long ship. We have created different scenarios, including a dilemma for our own Viking stories.


We have been working on our Gymnastic skills with the sports star coaches and learning all about points and patches and how we can use these parts of our bodies when balancing. We have been practising balances alone, in pairs and in groups of three and know that we feel tension in our muscles when we are balancing and that we should keep our bodies as straight as possible.


In music we have been learning about rhythm and pulse. We learnt the notes ta and titi and practised clapping the beat while one person tapped the beat on the drum. We created our own music and practised reading ta and titi tunes using clapping. Some of us followed the notes, while others kept a steady pulse by tapping our knees. We then used different instruments to play a 4 beat rhythm using 1 or 2 beats (ta and titi) or sh as a rest beat. We used the music cards to create our own bars of music and then performed them to each other. We found it was challenging to all keep to the same speed.

Feeling Good Week

This week we had a visit from the circus! We got to practise balancing feathers, spinning plates and juggling. In class we have been learning about how we can feel good using laughter therapy and by having a growth mindset. We took part in workshops including: chocolate chaos, messy science, arts & crafts, survival, glass painting, biscuit making, coaster making and pizza making!


In art we have been designing and making our own Viking shields using embossing. 

Stunning Start

Today Year 5 were visited by a Viking Warrior: “Lord Jarl Sigurd”, who taught us the fundamentals of what we needed to do to become an authentic Viking warrior. We practised different battle formations and role-played invading Saxon villages. He gave us the challenge of designing and making our own Viking shields so that we can become a true Viking - we have some busy art lessons ahead of us...   

Autumn Term
Angles, Angles, Angles!

In maths we have been learning how to use a protractor to draw and measure angles. We then investigated if there were any patterns when angles were on a straight line or around a point. We made some clever mathematical observations from our work.


Within our Space topic, we have been looking at different forces and created our own space capsule.  We placed an egg inside and had to drop it from quite a height and see if our 'eggonaut' survived!  Luckily, most of them made it back to Earth with a cushioned landing!

Christmas Play

We were very busy rehearsing all our songs and learning our lines for our Christmas performance, 'A Primary School Christmas Musical', Thank you to everyone who came to watch - we hope you enjoyed it.

Meal for an astronaut

As Tim Peake has recently been to Space, we decided to plan a healthy meal for an astronaut.  We had to think about what food would be easy to transport and prepare when in Space.  We then created a pasta dish, preparing all the ingredients and even taste testing!  The pasta turned out very yummy!

RE Christmas Unwrapped Workshop at Cranleigh Baptist Church

Before Christmas, year 5 visited Cranleigh Baptist church. There, we learnt about the Christmas story and developed our understanding of what makes the Christmas story. We also learnt about some factors that have been added to the Christmas story over the years and was shown how the story has become materialised. We enjoyed making Christmas baubles, completing a quiz, meeting a quiz expert and summarising the Christmas story in our own words. It was a really different experience that we all really enjoyed participating in. 

Marvellous Middle - Greenwich observatory

As our ‘Marvellous Middle’ for our mission to Space topic, year 5 visited Greenwich observatory to take part in a ‘Space Spectacular’ day. We visited the Weller Astronomy Galleries, where we absorbed lots of fascinating facts and looked through a telescope to see Saturn! In the planetarium dome, we were guided on a tour through the Solar System, visiting some of the planets and seeing what lies beyond our galaxy. We then took part in a workshop, where we learned about being an astronaut and some of the ways scientists create rockets that are powerful and fast.

Space Science!

In Science we have been learning all things Space. We had the challenge of creating our Solar System using fruits and vegetables! We had to think about the relative size of the planets to decide how to represent the Solar System accurately. We also had to put the objects in the correct order to show the planets' distance from the sun.

We have also been learning about how the moon moves:  we worked in groups to demonstrate how the moon orbits around the Earth while the Earth is rotating and orbiting around the sun. We narrated them to explain what was happening. Each person represented a different object in our Solar System – the sun, the moon or the Earth We then made a moon dial to show the different phases of the moons and their names.

Astronomical art!

In art we created our very own ‘ice planets’ to represent the planets that were of very cold temperatures due to their distance away from the sun. We had to choose the size of the planet, the amount of ice and the kind of food colouring to use. When the materials had changed state in the freezer we then assembled and named our ice planets.


In English we have been creating our own Space Stories based on the narrative, 'The Sea of Tranquility'. Here are some excerpts from our stories...

Years ago, there was a young girl with the Solar System draped across her wall. Each and every night she would sit down with her little black cat and gaze, mesmerised, up at the 8 mystical faraway lands - tiny against her wall. (Daisy)

In her dreams that night she imagined that she was accelerating through the black void of Space. The engines of the rocket roared like a lion as the craft shot through a tapestry of stars and planets. Then she got her first glimpse of the Earth from Space - a beautiful sphere of marbled colour. (Esther)

In maths this term we have been focusing on our number knowledge and how to use written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have been deepening our understanding of number relationships and are using lots of new mathematical  vocabulary e.g. factor, multiple, prime, square number, cube number, product, dividend and many more! We are becoming excellent problem solvers and know that sometimes we have to use trial and improvement to test out possibilities and find a solution. Here is an example of one of the puzzles we had to solve:

Shape times shape challenge

The coloured shapes stand for 11 of the numbers from 0 to 12. Each shape is a different number.

Can you work out what they are from the multiplications below?

Inline images 1

Music bus
We had a visit from the music bus and saw all the equipment and technology needed to record a song. We then composed our own piece on the theme of Space by thinking about different words we associate with the Solar System. The song was recorded and then our voices were altered to change the pitch, tone and volume, creating different effects.
Role Play and Small World
We are enjoying acting out various scenarios using our small world and role play: travelling in a Space shuttle and landing on the moon. We've been practising using our language skills for a range of different purposes such as: imagining we are astronauts travelling to the moon; creating a news report about our moon landing; using facts to inform people about the moon as well as imagining and acting out different scenarios for our Space stories.
Planetarium Visit
Year 5 were lucky enough to have a planetarium visit school.  From inside the planetarium, we learnt about the shape of the Earth, sun and moon and the way they move. We saw the moon’s phases, looked at the sun as a star, and discovered the importance of the Earth in sustaining life. We then saw a representation of the star constellations and listened to one of the Greek myths associated with the constellations.  We learnt how to spot the North Star and how this can help people navigate.  We came away having learnt a lot and buzzing with even more questions about Space...
Stunning Start
When we returned to school we were shocked to discover our playground had become the scene of a police investigation!  Two mysterious eggs were found in a tree.  We took them back to class to investigate and asked questions: What could be inside?  Had it come from another planet?  How did it get here? Why had it landed in our school?  The next day we discovered the egg had hatched and we met...E.T.
We have now watched the film to learn more about E.T and his story and have written character descriptions about him in class.
In art we are working on creating 3d models to represent the planets in our Solar System using papier mache. It turned out to be more challenging than we had expected! We are going to be studying the appearance of the planets more closely so that we can paint them to look as realistic as possible (photos coming soon)