Welcome to VEnus Class

Our current topic is: Ancient Greece


The children had an amazing, memorable week at CYE.  Take a look at the photos...

We have been studying how light travels, what affects the formation of shadows and how light is reflected and refracted.  We have been particularly focussing on working in a scientific way; choosing questions to be investigated, setting up tests and ensuring that we change only one factor at a time.
We also made sure that we recorded our work carefully and wrote up our conclusions.‚Äč
Ancient Greek Myths
Venus have been continuing to enjoy reading and recreating many of the Ancient Greek myths.  One of our challenges was to dramatize the myth of Pandora who released the evils of the world.  We came up with some very interesting special effects!
Trip To Natural History Museum
Our visit to the Natural History Museum was a fantastic success.   We saw a multitude of amazing exhibits and specimen - including a fossilised crocodile's head which was about the size of a small car!  We experienced what it was like to be in an earthquake (luckily only a few tremors) and got up close to a gargantuan model of a blue whale.  Perhaps best of all was the experience of being scientists in the Investigate Centre.  We chose our own specimens to study; weighing measuring, examining - and theorising about what they were.  It was a really super day.

Air Products Science visited our school and gave a science demonstration which featured liquid nitrogen, frozen flowers and exploding tennis ball tubes.


We have been baking and evaluating our biscuits.

Small World

We have been using our Small World to dramatise our animal stories.


We have been studying colour theory and painting a colour wheel with complementary and harmonious colours together with tints and shades.

Church Trail

Some of our prefects were very excited to be invited to launch the NADFAS church trail at St Nicolas church recently. The trail, which was a little like a treasure hunt, was based upon features of the church building and their significance to Christians. Thank you to Georgie, Reverend Roy and Mr Bagot for inviting us! 

Anyone can go in at any time (so long as there isn’t anything else happening in Church at the time!) and complete the church trail.  There is a question sheet for children and a laminated answer sheet for the adults to help.

Harvest Donations

Year 6 prefects were delighted to have helped Reverend Roy and Georgie to deliver harvest donations to Cranleigh residents. Thank you again to all our parents and friends who kindly donated items for our Harvest celebration service at church.

Church Visit

Year 6 recently visited St Nicolas church to find out about the church as a building.  We learnt that the church building dates back 900 years and the bell tower was erected in 1638. The church is used for many different purposes besides worship. The bell tower Captain showed us the bell ropes and we learnt about how the bells are used to call people to services. Georgie and Ian informed us about the purposes of the different parts of the church building-we had a fantastic visit and finished by having a quiet, personal reflective prayer time.