School Podcast

A group of Year Five children worked as a team to produce this podcast taking you through a day in the life of the school.  They planned, recorded, edited and produced the entire podcast themselves!  Well done Podcast Team!

Ben is one of the producers. He says, “I’ve enjoyed learning about the technical side of a podcast, thinking of new ideas and it’s been really fun – a lifetime experience.”

They have been working with Sarah Hardcastle, a freelance radio producer, who has been sharing the tricks of the trade and guiding them through the production, “Developing the story of ‘Our Wonderful Week at Cranleigh Primary’ has been a great challenge. The children have grasped the ideas and technical know-how brilliantly to produce a wonderful broadcast for their school.”

Their work is part of the speaking and listening curriculum – complementing their classroom learning. So are we seeing the blossoming broadcasters of the future? Elin is considering the prospect, “I’d like to be a broadcaster because it’s fun and exciting and you get to do a lot of cool stuff!”

A big thank you to Sarah Hardcastle for supporting the children in achieving this. Also well done to: Jessica Isherwood, Harvey Dyer, Elin Williams, Thalia Mossadeghi, Finley Wells and Ben Stone for producing such a creative and imaginative podcast which captures life at Cranleigh C of E Primary.

Take a listen....