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Curriculum Vision

Our rigorous, ambitious and relevant curriculum is designed to serve each child within our richly-diverse community, ensure the ‘highest standards of learning for all’ and prepare all children for a joyful life in the modern world.

Our commitment to the Christian faith and our six core values underpin our planned offer:


Aspiration, Diversity and Inclusivity 

Our curriculum responds to, and embraces, an evolving community. 

We are richly diverse and welcome families from various backgrounds.

The support we offer our families aims to build community by nurturing positive relationships and meaningful connections, overcoming any low literacy skills, and ensuring education is highly-valued by all. We consider ourselves compassionate and culturally responsive - ensuring we stay relevant to who and where our children, and their families, are.

We engage with our community; for example, through meetings with our local MP, Surrey Police, Directors at Surrey County Council, St. Nicolas Church and local councillors, as well stakeholder surveys, to ensure we serve our children in the best possible way.

We adapt our provision accordingly, ensure we provide our children with the demanding work they both deserve and seek, and ensure all children are given enrichment opportunities to enable them to learn about the world around them.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to sustain effective, and inclusive, communication, and hold exceptionally high expectations of ourselves, each other and our community. Our children are empowered to use their literacy, oracy, and digital communication skills, with scaffolding and support, to purposefully share and articulate their learning with others.


Our reflection procedures, which are research-focussed and include subject leadership time, responsive professional learning, both summative and formal assessments, and half-termly pupil progress meetings, enable us to refine our curriculum offer.

Our use of WalkThrus helps our teaching staff to refine their teaching with regards both general pedagogy and also pedagogical content practice relating to each curriculum area.


For general enquiries about our curriculum offer, please contact Deputy Headteacher, Mrs S. Salter, or Headteacher, Mrs K. Pelazza, on 01483 273286.  

For subject-specific curriculum information, please click on each subject area.