School Payments

SchoolMoney is a website that enables parents and carers to pay for school trips, school dinners and uniform online at a convenient time that suits them.

If you need any help using the payment system,  please contact the school office at

School Trips:

You can pay and give consent for school trips and events online. Planned trips and events will be announced via a text and email.  Both will provide you with instructions for providing payment and consent and the email will also have a letter attached with details for the trip or event. 

Please contact the school office at to notify us of your email address.  

School Dinners:

You will be able to pay for school dinners online and top up your child’s account at any time. You will automatically be notified if a payment is overdue.  Please click here to more information.


While our stocks remain, you will be able to pay for your uniform online. You will also be able to easily see which items are still in stock.  Please click here for more information.

Paying In School

With all the above payments you will also have the additional option to pay in school by card or cash.  Where possible, please support the school in reducing its administration costs by paying online or by card.  Please note: we no longer accept cheques.