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Miss J Brown
Miss J Brown

Our current topic is: 'The History Detectives'

autumn term

In Science this week, Year 2 had been thinking all about how Albert II was the first monkey in space, however as the parachute didn't open he didn't make it back alive. So, we decided to replicate this and conduct an experiment to see if we could create a parachute that would work. We replaced the space pod with an unboiled egg and the children had to make sure the egg didn't crack. They had to think of the best materials and how they could create a parachute that would collect enough air to stop the egg from smashing on the ground. One egg (photo below) out of 8 survived and it wasn't the adults' one! Well done to the winning team!"

This week, Year 2 have moved on from Florence Nightingale and we have started to look at Space and Neil Armstrong. We thought about why he is such a famous figure and what he might have done to become famous. We created a space timeline that runs from 1948 when Albert the monkey went into space all the way to 1990 when the first photograph of the Solar System was taken by NASA


Year 2 had decided that as their treat for working so hard this week, they would like to do some Art. We talked about how we could link this to our learning and they suggested painting a picture of Florence Nightingale. We researched what she looked like and what she would have worn, so that we could collect an accurate palette of paint. The children worked so hard on their paintings, here's one of them!

"Year 2 having been learning all about Florence Nightingale and how she changed hospitals for the better. We researched why she was called the Lady with the Lamp and found out she used a lamp to nurse all the wounded soldiers through the night. We had a look at one of the lamps she would have used and thought we could build a better one, so we did! Here are a few of them."

stunning start

On Friday 6th September, Year 2 became police detectives for their Stunning Start. We had to travel in our police car to different crime scenes; all of which had 3 clues to who/what we will be looking at as part of our topic 'The History Detectives'. At each crime scene the children were given 3 suspects and they had to narrow it down to who all the items linked to. We had lots of fun and can't wait for our topic to get started!

Click here for Curriculum Map for Year 2.  The History Detectives.