welcome to Year 5 classes, 5VB & 5AD


White Rose home learning question and answer sheets 

Click here for supplementary worksheets linking to White Rose home learning lessons.

Summer Term
work Pack for Week beginning July 20th 2020

Here is your final text based project for the next 3 days, remember last week we put in extra maths, spag/phonics and reading to last you this week aswell.

 Year 4 5 answer pack 20.7.20.pdfDownload
 Year 4 5 pack 20.7.20.pdfDownload
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This pack will have a project based around a text to last the week and worksheets for maths, SPAG/Phonics and reading to take you to the end of term so there are 8 days to complete these and you will be given a seperate text based project for the last 3 days of term. 

 Year 5 answer Pack 13th July 2020.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Pack 13th July 2020.pdfDownload
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Bubble MI11, which has children from year 4/5, wanted to perform you their favourite song. Have a listen here: 

work Pack for Week beginning July 6th 2020
 answers - oh the places youll go y5.pdfDownload
 oh the places youll go year 5 (1).pdfDownload
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Work Pack for Week beginning June 29th 2020
 year 5 answers matchbox diaries.pdfDownload
 year 5 matchbox diaries 29th June.pdfDownload
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Work Pack for Week beginning June 22nd 2020
 Year 5 ANSWERS The Man Who Walked between the Towers.pdfDownload
 Year 5 The Man Who Walked between the Towers.pdfDownload
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It is lovely to be welcoming children from Year 5 back into school this week but we are also providing learning support for those who are still at home. This week's pack is inspired by a fabulous text based on a real event. We hope you enjoy your learning this week, whether in or out of the classroom.


Below is some fabulous work from last week's learning pack. Well done to all our contributors!

Work Pack for Week beginning June 15th 2020
 Year 5 answers pack 7.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Lorax pack 7 (1).pdfDownload
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This week's pack is focused around The Lorax by Dr Seuss. A fabulously simple text with surprisingly complex moral issues - definitely a text which relates to the challenges of today's world. Do send work in for our class page. We hope you enjoy it.


We hope you enjoy our new learning packs based upon a book by the amazing Anthony Browne.

This pack includes tasks from all curriculum areas. Read the information on the first page for more detail. 

 Year 5 answers pack 6 number of week update.pdfDownload
 Year 5 pack .pdfDownload
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Year 5 are certainly keeping busy this week. We have received lots of work from children already. Some have really enjoyed the World Ocean Day activities. Check them out - you too can become ocean experts! https://worldoceanday.school/

Discovery pack and supplementary tasks for week beginning June 1st 2020
 UKS2 Phase Pack 5 x 1 grid.pdfDownload
 Year 5 additional worksheets week 8.pdfDownload
 Year 5 answers week 8.pdfDownload
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New Home Learning Pack

Welcome back after half term. We hope you had a lovely break and were able to enjoy the sunshine. I hope you can send in lots of examples of your home-learning this week. I have already been sent a super weather story and an interesting movie with Cosmo the coded computer bot.

Your teachers have been keen to read their favourite books to you. See if you can spot familiar faces or voices from the staff.  Enjoy a good book and maybe you could share your favourite books with us too. Find us on the reading page here. 

 UKS2 Phase Pack 4 .pdfDownload
 Year 5 Additional worksheets week 7.pdfDownload
 Year 5 answers week 7.pdfDownload
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 Phase Pack UKS2 3rd week new ideas.pdfDownload
 Year 5 additional worksheets week 6.pdfDownload
 Year 5 worksheet answers week 6.pdfDownload
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A new week for home-learning  and a brand new learning pack which we hope you will enjoy. Something for everyone to keep busy and interested.  Keep sending in your work. It is lovely for me to see what you have been up to, but it is also great for your classmates to see. I am sure they will be inspired by your work.  It is great to see your VE day photos, Lego sculptures and bunting along with Year 5AD's artwork and one or two self-portraits. There is also a great video about the workings of the human heart and lots of cooking and smoothie recipes.

With VE Day taking place on Friday 8th May, we have put together some activities for you to choose from to work alongside the discovery packs. Have a look at what VE Day is and have a go at celebrating. We cannot wait to see what you get up to! 

 VE Day information.pdfDownload
 VE Day Pack.pdfDownload
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 Phase Pack UKS2 2nd week.pdfDownload
 Year 5 additional worksheets week 5.pdfDownload
 Year 5 worksheet answers week 5.pdfDownload
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 UKS2 Discovery Pack 1.pdfDownload
 Year 5 spellings summer term - second half.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Summer Term spellings - first half of term.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Supplementary Activities Discover Pack 1 Answer Book.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Supplementary Activities Discovery Pack 1.pdfDownload
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Thank you to all children who have sent work in for me to see and to share with their classmates. I have been really pleased to see so many of you keeping  busy and interested in your learning. I hope you enjoy your new learning pack this week. There should be something for everybody plus worksheets as well to keep your brains challenged!

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Our great learning


P Planet full of people
L Loving land
A Amazing landscapes
N Never-ending scenery
E Everyone's different
T Tides of sea overlapping the soft golden sand
E Evening stars
A Always inspiring
R Rubies, crystals and diamonds
T Times hard
H Here for each other


Meteor shower 20th April      Mum and I went into the garden at 21:50 and stayed outside until 22:10. We looked up into the night sky and we could identify the Big Dipper constellation right above us. It was quite cold, I needed to get  a blanket.
In total we saw 8 meteors pass from east to west. All except one, passed right through the middle of the Big Dipper.
I saw more meteors than I expected to. I really enjoyed watching the shower with my mum.
Totally epic!!!!!

Tuesday 21st April - Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth - Perhaps you would like to design her a birthday card or write a birthday poem. I can't guarantee that she will see them, but we will, because I will put them on our class page! - Mrs Bickerton

Below are some more examples of your fabulous learning today. We have science, art, English, PSHE. Keep them coming. I love to hear what you have been up to. There is also a great selection of birds' nests and eggs.

Our great learning

Monday 20th April - My goodness! What a busy lot you have been today. Here is  a selection of your work to include a hedgehog house, car drawing showing perspective and nature artwork. Thanks to all of our contributors - I am always interested to hear of any nesting birds in and around your garden. Some birds are choosing very unusual locations in which to nest.....let me know what you have spotted. - Mrs Bickerton

Welcome back

Welcome back Year 5

We are sure you all enjoyed the Easter break, even if it was a little different to what we have been used to before.

We hope you are all refreshed and keen to face the new challenges of the Summer term.

Remember your teachers love to see and hear what you are all up to so do get in touch via the year group emails. Below are the new learning packs. We hope you enjoy them!


Year 5 Home Learning Pack 3

Year 5 Home Learning Pack 3 answers


spring term
Our Great Learning 

We really do love poetry in year 5! Have a read of this poem. 

The bing bang hair ball
The bing bang hair ball,
Sleeps all night long.
The bing bang hair ball
is allergic to a tong.
The bing bang hair ball
Slippers and quietly nests.
The bing bang hair ball
then slithers to the west.
The bing bang hair ball
has an awful smell of wellies.
The bing bang hair ball
starts to be tamed by smellies.
The bing bang hair ball
quickly becomes dry with a towel.
The bing bang hair ball
Looks at the comb with eyes as large as an Owl.
The bing bang hair ball
flees to be seen no more!

Do you love reading as much as me? Click here to have a listen to our storytime. We will be updating the stories as much as possible for you to listen to. 

As well as birds we have now got a lot of nonsense poems. Year 5 certainly are a creative bunch! 

We are getting even more owls, we will have a whole zoo soon!

Year 5 have gone haiku crazy. We have had so many lovely poems - let's keep them coming. Here's a couple from Mrs Bickerton. They are addictive. 
I'm working from home
Eating too many biscuits
And chocolate cake too.
This is one I found in a poetry book called 'A haiku about getting out of bed'
No, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
No, no, no, no, no!

We have had a lot of owls sent in today and we are very impressed. Mrs Bickerton loves that there are some many children joining her in the enthusiasm towards birds! Have a look at one of our haikus too! We love seeing your work so well done Year 5! Keep up the hard work. 

This morning, we have all joined in with Joe Wicks. This is done everyday at 9am on Youtube and is a great way to start the day. Have a go at home too because we have had great fun keeping active. 

Key Documents 
5vb's art work

A prayer of thanks inspired by the Sermon on the Mount

 Dear God

Thank you that you help and love us,

That you love and bless everyone,

Not just the rich, but the poor and the merciful.

You bless the peace-makers and the ones who mourn.


Thank you that you listen to our prayers and that you are watching us,

Wherever we are and whatever happens.


Thank you that we are who we are and not all the same,

And that you look after everyone, from whatever background.

You are with us.


Thank you that you forgive us when we mess up

And that you give us more chances.

When I ask for forgiveness you give me forgiveness.

No matter if we are ill or strong, you are still with us.


Thank you that you find us when we are lost and pick us up when we fall

You are the light that conquers the dark and guides us in the darkness


You watch me wherever I go, wherever I am

Help me to trust in you.

When You knock on my door, the door will open.


Ted 11/3/2020

Class 5Vb - science

Class 5VB have been learning about forces in Science. They have enjoyed investigating the effect of different sized parachutes on the time taken for a small parachuting teddy to reach the ground. On one particularly windy launch the brave teddy sailed off over the roof-tops and had to be rescued by Mrs Bickerton.


Before we did our Willow Pattern Design in 5AD, we rewrote the Willow Pattern Story. First, we read through the story and talked about the different language features and picked out the main points of the story. Then, we made a river plan with all of our idea’s plotting out the story. After that, we wrote in full paragraphs in our English books making sure that we used the key vocabulary that we got from the text and the narrative techniques we have learnt so far. Next, we edited in purple pen to improve it and make it perfect. Finally, we wrote up in neat in our Topic books and they all turned out looking great and were written brilliantly! Here are a few examples.


In 5AD's art class, we have been doing the Willow Pattern Design. First, looked at changing the tone, tint and shade of blue by adding black, white, grey and water. Next we analysed a willow pattern plate to see the different kinds of pattern that we could use. Then, we practiced different designs like Pagodas, trees, boats and more things to do with the story. After that, we drew a circle before planning what our real willow pattern was going to look like. Finally, we used blue paint of different tones, shades and tints to produce our final and finished willow pattern design … and they look fantastic!

science challenge

On Wednesday 22nd January the Year 5  Science team joined with children from other primary schools from the area for a STEM challenge.

We had to make a lighthouse with fully working lights and a switch. We had a ‘budget’ of £150 to spend on materials. We had to make it as tall and as sturdy as we possibly could whilst making sure the wires were hidden. We learned that triangular structures are sturdy and we learned how to connect an electrical circuit to make a switch.

We were very pleased with our lighthouse and managed to come seventh out of 18 teams. We are very proud of ourselves and would like to do more science challenges in the future.

Claudia and Daniel

Year 5VB

Year 5 VB are enjoying getting back to school and selecting a great book to read.

autumn term
merry christmas from 5vb
Let’s Do A Nativity

The Year 5 Christmas production was a resounding success! The children had worked very hard to learn all their parts and songs over the past few weeks. There were some stellar performances from singers – including soloists – comedians and actors alongside the usual nativity characters.

Well done to all the children for making the audience smile and for all to be reminded of the wonderful, multi-faceted Christmas message.

Livvy and Hetty Lewis 5VB   Wonderwheels 5K Race

Wonderwheels 5K Race


“We completed the Wonderwheels 5k event on Sunday 1st December! It was freezing cold and really hard work but we had a great time. Thank you so much for all your sponsorship so far to buy some new books for Cranleigh C of E Primary. All the donations were very much appreciated!”


Livvy and Hetty Lewis 5VB

Year 5 gymnastics has been going at a pace this term. The children have learned how to combine pencil and egg rolls along with a variety of turns and controlled landing positions. They have enjoyed using the equipment in the gym and have all challenged themselves to progress to the next level of difficulty. They are starting to choreograph synchronised movements in small groups to great effect.

Our School Trip

By Izzy Year 5VB


Yesterday we went to Winchester Science Museum with Years 5VB and 5AD. We travelled by coach and had a lot of fun! Our topic is space so it fitted in very well indeed.

Our first activity was “Exploring Space”. There was an experiment where you learn to programme a robot. I enjoyed it because I got in the day’s top ten – three times! I also enjoyed it when I got in an astronaut suit and my mother took a photo of me and my friends in it. Our next activity was all of the experiments upstairs. I absolutely loved the experiment with metallic gold paper where you looked at it from different angles and it reflected little rainbows on the paper.

Then, the most amazing activity yet was the planetarium. It was all about galaxies, constellations and the solar system. We figured out that the North Star is straight off the end of the Big Dipper. So now we will never, ever get lost! (I think I might still though.)

After that, we went to a robotic workshop. It was such fun. We programmed Steve, the robot, with Crumble. At the end we made Steve do a very fun dance.

I hope that I will come back in half term. I would suggest it to every single person in the world. I hope everybody would enjoy it as much as I did. If I could, I wouldn’t leave!


Year 5VB

Please click here for 5VB's Autumn Poem

Both Year 5 classes joined together to share their class autumn poems. 

year 5's tag rugby

Year 5 have been thoroughly enjoying learning tag rugby skills. Each week they are improving their ability to dodge and move quickly; think strategically; carry out pop and swing passes, and communicate with team mates. Coach Josh and Coach Ben have been particularly impressed with their commitment to learn a tricky new invasion game so enthusiastically and to remain calm under pressure.