welcome to Comets class

Our current topic is 'Wild and Wonderful'

autumn  term
marvellous middle
We have been making our own castles and learning about people who lived in the castles. We celebrated like Kings and Queens during our own Medieval Banquet. We made our own crowns, enjoyed medieval themed food and danced our own medieval dance in groups. It was a brilliant afternoon!
stunning start

We waited for the egg to hatch and one day we come into class to find that classroom it had been turned upside down and the egg had hatched. The dragon had drank our special potion and had gone. We wrote letters to a Knight to come and find the dragon and wanted posters so he knew what we thought the dragon looked like. We found out that the dragon had gone to an island so we made maps of our own Dragon's Island using symbols. 

We found a mystery egg in the school garden. We thought about the type of egg it could be and what we need to do to help the egg hatch. 
We thought it would be a dragon so we made nests for the dragon's egg. We discussed the materials and their properties and why they would be good for a dragon's nest. 
'We need cotton wool as it's soft and will keep the dragon egg warm.'