welcome to Moons class

Our current topic is:  'Wild and Wonderful'

autumn term
Victorian School Day 
Tuesday 10th October was our wonderful Victorian School day! We had a whole day filled with activities just as it would have been in Victorian times. We all dressed up so we could feel like real Victorian children and had some very strict teachers and hard lessons. Our classroom was transformed and we had to get used to lining up in girls and boys. There were some new rules such as standing up when adults walking in, not talking without permission, no hands up and repeating lessons until they stuck. No resources or help for us! We also had a hand inspection as we learned that 'cleanliness is next to godliness' and some of us had to have the ruler for our dirty nails. We also experienced some Victorian consequences such as the dunces hat, standing in the corner and the dreaded cane!  In the afternoon we had a wonderful time outside completing drill exercises and playing Victorian games and playing with Victorian toys such as marbles, china dolls, hopscotch, oranges and lemons and knitting dolls. We will be writing a recount of our day to display. 
William Morris Art 
William Morris is a famous Victorian artist and we have been looking at how he uses nature as an influence and how to use repeating patterns. We have investigated different ways to make repeated patterns, looked for inspiration in our school environment, practiced printing techniques and created patterns using the computer. 
Place Value and number 
This term we have been learning all about place value and number. We have used a lot of concrete resources and visuals to support our learning. We have been working on identifying the value of tens and ones, counting on in 2s, 5s and 10s, ordering and comparing numbers and representing numbers in different ways. We have also been working on our reasoning and problem solving skills, using sentence stems to help us explain our understanding.
Off to the funfair! 
In dance we have been focusing on movement linked to a Victorian funfair. We have been learning to make different shapes with our bodies, balance carefully and how to keep ourselves safe when moving and balancing. Can you spot the strong man, tiger and coconut shy poses in our photographs? 
Democracy Day 
We celebrated Democracy Day in Moons Class by creating bar charts and tally charts of our favorite things and discussing how people have different choices. In English we continued our writing about Queen Victoria and thought about fact and opinion linking this to how facts and opinions influence people's voting choices. In the afternoon we headed to Upper School to vote for House Captains, Eco-Warriors and School Council representatives. This followed a busy week of hustings with some really impressive presentations. Once back in class we read a story about the Houses of Parliament and what the role of parliament is.