welcome to Neptune class

Our current topic is :  'Rumble in the Jungle'

spring term
world book day

 This week in Neptune we all enjoyed showing our amazing costumes to our class. We made puppets of ourselves and created performances using them. We had a great time sharing our reading with others.

In Neptune we have been creating a book about 'The Ice Bear'. We even shared them with Year 5 and can't wait to show our families and home. 


We have been learning about friction and which materials are easier to move on and why. We even took part in a fun experiment.

This week in Neptune we used junk modelling to create our very own sledges as we have learnt lots about how they move in the snow. At first this seemed tricky but we got there in the end and we are very happy with how they turned out.

For the start of our topic this term, Year 3 have been learning about Ice worlds. One afternoon we had an exciting guest come to see us, he came to talk all about his trip to Norway and the exciting adventures. We were really excited to hear that Neptune was the god that welcomed them across the Arctic circle. We certainly had lots of questions and can't wait to learn even more!

autumn term
fabulous finish

As part of an Art and DT project, Neptune have designed and created their very own Roman shields. They used paper mache to form the shield and then red and yellow paint for the design. We also created a sharp, shiny sword to go with it.


In Science, Neptune have been looking at fossils. We thought it would be a good idea to create some of our own. We used clay to form the fossil and they poured plaster of paris on top of them. 

marvellous middle

For our marvelous middle, Neptune have designed their very own mosaics. They loved exploring all the shapes and patterns that the Romans used to use. 

stunning start
Neptune have designed and created some amazing home projects and I cant wait to see more of them. 

Neptune class had lots of fun creating a colour blend background for a Stonehenge picture. They came out really well and the children were all very proud of their work.

For the start of our topic this term, Year 3 have been learning about the Stone Age. During the morning of our Stunning Start, we created caves in the classroom using the tables and some big sheets and decided to do some cave paintings. This was enjoyed by all. We discussed where cave paintings have been discovered in the world and identified the similarities and differences between them. The children entered their caves and had the opportunity to draw their cave paintings based on a particular style of one of the ones we looked at. In the afternoon I was really impressed by our stone age art and Colour blending. Take a look at the finished artwork, it looks fantastic!