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Miss A Brockman
Miss A Brockman

Our current topic is:   Lights, camera, action!

summer term
fabulous finish

 Fabulous Finish – Oscar Party

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Gran, Can You Rap? by Venus Class

PE – Sport Week

We have had a fun packed week trying out a number of different sporting activities during our sports carousel, taste testing different healthy foods before making our own couscous recipes, designing our own mini exercise routines, using graphs to analyse data about the sales and nutritional value of couscous compared to pasta before writing a summary of why exercise and healthy eating is important. We also had an inter-house Kwick Cricket tournaments before ending the week with our sports day. I’m sure the chants of ‘Ain’t No Whale Gonna Fail’, ‘Nothing Hotter than an Otter’, ‘Who are we? Red Army’ and ‘Be cautious around a Porpoises’ could be heard all around the Village!

Art – Clay Bear Characters

To end the ‘Paddington’ part of our topic we all made a clay sculpture of our bear characters paying particular attentions to how we joined the different parts of the clay to make sure they didn’t separate and then created the texture of fur through marking. The concentration on the classes faces were clear to see and even us teachers were so impressed with their efforts that we couldn’t help making sure everyone came in to see them if they wanted to or not! There time was rewarded however with some beautiful models that we then carefully painted. Amazing effort year 4 – it was difficult to choose just a few pictures to share.

marvellous middle - film festival

After all the children’s hard work the films were finally ready for viewing and only slightly behind schedule! All the films were viewed and well received by the public! Year 4 then each had to vote for a number of different categories before the winners could be announced – Best Costume, Best Scenery, Best Film Score, Best Directors, Best Actor/Actress, Best Screen Play – and it was lovely to see a good variety of films winning for different areas and allowed the children to see what hard work and perseverance goes into Film making.

DT – Wire Bears & Sewing

Following a pattern we cut out material ready to sew a coat and hat to be used as the costume in the film. The created bears were created out of wire, so they were movable, before padding them out with newspaper, covering them with masking tape and finally painting them. They were not ready for their acting debut!

Computing – Animations

From this point we joined into groups to combine some of our ideas to make one final storyboard that we were then going to make into a short film using a stop go animation app. We started by making a title sequence using moving letters to create Paddington’s name. We then recorded our theme music over these.  We needed to then make our bears and props before continuing with the production ready for our Film Festival.

Music – Theme Music

We looked at the theme music for the 70’s Paddington along with some other older children’s TV show like ‘Rainbow’, ‘Rhubarb and Custard’ and ‘The Flumps’ that had really recognisable theme tunes to go with them. From this we used a Glockenspiel and some percussion instruments to compose our own short theme songs that would eventually be added to our Animations.

Art – Bear Sketches

To help us on the road to bringing our characters to life we practiced sketching different textures in preparation for using in a sketch of our bears. We then used a tutorial to help us see the shapes in a teddy and where there would be shade depending on the direction of light to begin our drawings. From this we produced some lovely sketches of our bears.

English – Created new Characters   

After seeing the film we did lots of work looking at the different characters in the story as well as comparing them to the books and the series that was on the telly in the 70’s! From this we developed our own bear characters to put into a short episode with Paddington, thinking about things we take for granted that a bear might not know anything about so could develop into a comical encounter.                

Summer Term – Stunning Start

To introduce our new topic lights, camera, action! We arranged for a private showing of Paddington 2 at the Art Centre, funded by The Friends, to give us that true cinema experience. It was a great way to begin looking at how books have been adapted to the big screen and how parts of the story need to be changed or extra parts explained to keep the audiences interested. We also watched some episodes of the original Paddington series and will be creating our own bear characters to put into mini animations ready for our Marvellous Middle film festival.  Come back soon and see how we are getting on! 

spring  term

Easter Performance

What a fantastic way to end the Spring term! Year 4 created an Easter performance that showed how Jesus gave his life  for everyone when he died on the cross for us. They sang the song ‘What a beautiful Name’ by Hillsong Worship – which Year 5 still remembered from last year and sung a new song spread around the church by Culture Club called Life. Well done year 4 it was amazing.

Easter Pause Day

For Easter Pause Day this year we looked at the Journey of Jesus’ Life. It linked closely to the Easter Story Year 4 were practicing so we created some abstract artwork linked to the words – Choices, Betrayal, Accused, Denial, Suffering, Death, Life and Hope and discussed how these formed part of his life. We ended the day looking at everyone's hats, gardens, eggs and art work which were all fantastic but a few winners were chosen. Well done for all the effort you put in they looked fantastic!

fabulous finish

Residential to Henley Fort

Year 4 had a fantastic time at Henley Fort.  The activities were greatly enjoyed and the food was fantastic!  We tried lots of new things, from archery to fire lighting and shelter building. We stayed in Yurts and even had a go at making our own beds! The weather was a bit windy and even took off the teacher’s door but it was soon fixed again.  Well done Year 4, super effort! 

World Book Day

We had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day. We spent the day thinking about our favourite books and the authors who wrote them. We listened to some authors telling us how they write and illustrate their books. They then set us some tasks to do to start creating our own characters and stories. Our favourite part of the day was getting to show our costumes to the rest of our class. Can you guess which books we were from? Overall, we had a fantastic day!

marvellous middle

 Dragons Den

This term we have been learning all about Famous Inventors. After we had looked at how Alexander Graham Bell came up with his ideas for the telephone we turned our hand to inventing and tried to come up with inspired inventions to pitch to The Dragons (the Teachers!). In a Dragons Den style environment we pitched our ideas and asked for money to help us develop our ideas further. It was great fun listening to everyone’s ideas and even more exciting if we got an investment from the dragons. As no real money was on offer we battled for extra Dojos which was really exciting.

PE - Dance

During PE this term we have created ‘food invention dances.’ In the beginning we imagined we were the ingredients needed for the dish, before creating movements to show the process of cooking the food and then a finished plate.  Can you guess what our plates of food below are?

dt - ear muffs

This terms Science topic was looking at how sound travels. We used this knowledge in our DT project to make a pair of earmuffs to help Little Miss Inventor when he visited Loud Town. First we thought about what materials sound travels through best and what materials absorb the sound. We then used this to help us design and make a pair of earmuffs that blocked out as much sound as possible. These were great fun to make, but tricky because we had to think about the amount and type of materials we needed and how best to join them together. We then decorated them before testing and evaluating our final product.

stunning start

We began the term with a trip to Wallace and Gromit's Inventors Lab. We then created our own Cog shaped potato stamps and used them to create repeated pattern wall paper.

We learnt all about the world of inventions through the eyes of Wallace and Gromit and this inspired us in designing our own catapults. We were given the challenge of sending a mini- marshmallow as far as we can using recycled materials. We had great fun watching all our inventions and measuring how far they travelled. We were very impressed with how well they all worked and the furthest distance achieved was extraordinary, over 5m!

autumn term
fabulous finish

 Visit to Haslemere Museum

At the end of November we visited Haslemere Museum to learn all about mummification. We had a great day learning about the process the Ancient Egyptians went through when mummifying the dead and even got to have a go at mummifying our very own teddies. We had a fantastic day and even got to see a real mummy!

Baptist Church Visit

We had an enjoyable visit to Cranleigh Baptist Church to learn about What Christian Worship is. We sang some songs, looked at the prayer hand and acted out a Bible story.

PE – Tag Rugby

We learnt the correct way to throw and catch a rugby ball and had different activities to practice this before playing mini games.


  In Art this term we have thought about papier mache and colour. We have made Egyptian Death Masks. We started off by cutting the death mask shape out of card and attaching this along with the beard to a craft mask. Our next challenge was to use papier mache to cover our entire mask and strengthen it before it was ready to be painted. Finally we designed the decoration on the mask and painted it on. We had great fun making them and loved putting them on and pretending to be Pharaohs.

Some were so good they were even displayed in Cranleigh Art centre.

Marvellous middle

 Archaeological Poo Investigation

In science we learnt about the digestive system and how our food passes through different organs in our body before coming out as a waste product. After having a visual demonstration of the process, using a pair of tights to act as the large and small intestines, we then investigated some ‘samples’ and used our knowledge of what type of food different ancient Egyptian’s ate to aided our analysis.

Science – Water Cycles

To help us understand how the water cycle works we made mini versions to stick on the window and hope there was some sunshine so we could observe what was happening

stunning start

To introduce our new topic Walk like an Egyptian!  We were introduced to Professor Pyramid who then got the children acting out a play about the first Ancient Egyptian Mummy. After finding a scroll we mummified some of the class. We also watched The Prince of Egypt so we could then use it in our English writing.